How to Print on Black / Dark Paper?

Looking on How to do Printing on Black / Dark Paper?


If you have a job that requires you to print it on a dark background or black paper as a printing surface, you have 2 ways to go for it. First way could be just adding a black background to the image and the printer will take care of the rest. On the other hand, you can use colored or white opaque ink to overlay a black empty canvas. Anyway, we will talk more about this in a few seconds.

Why People Want to Print on Black Paper?


A flyer, as it is, are boring and not everybody will stop to read a blank/white page with black text on it. This sort of simplicity is used for legal documents and boring documentation/archive intended printed goods.

If you need a flyer that will stand out from competitors, first start by adding some images to it, effects, color fades, bevels on the text, maybe some clip-arts so it becomes attractive and after potential customer attention is obtained, maybe they will read the content.

Printing Black as Image Background

As done on a daily basis, you may just adjust the design on any application that allows printable backgrounds. Some of the applications that allow a colored background (dark or black) are photoshop, illustrator, ms paint, ms word, among others. Just remember, for the text, images or vector lines to be readable, you need to use bright colors or just plain white to create a contrast against the black/dark background paper.

This is often seen on cheap club-flyers printed for local party events, with dark backgrounds and a lot of effects all over the postcard. For the text to be readable on top of all these effects, additional attributes have to be added to the text to make it bolder, add border, shadows or even bevel effects. In the end, all these together make a great presentation and calls for action to the eyes of the potential customer.

Note: On Microsoft Office, just changing the background color of the sheet will not make it print on the selected color, additional options must be met for this matter.

Using a Black Paper or Dark Grey Empty Canvas


When the paper or canvas used for printing is black or any dark color, you must take in consideration different printing methods that will contain white as part of the ink selection or that the ink dropped over the paper must be thick enough to avoid ink dissolved onto the dark paper and just disappearing. We all know that offset printing presses do this job perfectly when you need to print huge amounts of units like business cards, flyers, postcards or even brochures. 1 single plate for white color as the background for top layers of ink will do the job and they will look beautiful once finished.

Screen Printing On Black Materials For Low Quantities

But, if you are planning on just printing a few units like a T-shirt, mugs, pens, canvas or any material that is black. For this, you may use old-school screen printing when you manually apply the ink thru a pre-perforated screen to allow the ink to flow thru just on precise locations. This will allow you to mask out everywhere where any type of ink is supposed to go for letters or images base color if needed, or just to print white content directly.

Hand Made Design For Black/Dark Chalkboard Instead Of Printing

On many restaurants you see they get a chalkboard to the streets with the specials of the day written big in white chalk to attract the attention of local and walk-by potential customers. This works pretty good as it is extremely economical to just write and erase every day or every time the menu or special deals. This is so cheap to publish, re-do and just a great tool for every day use that the only extra cost for this is the white or colored chalk, most of the time. Remember creativity is a must to create a good looking and attractive black chalkboard ad or promotion.


Where to Buy Printable Dark or Black Canvas For Printing


You can buy chalkboard on any local Staples or Office Depot for your convenience, as there are so many black background chalkboard of many sizes, types, and forms. Also, chalk is available in many sizes and colors. The most convenient advantage of buying local is the fact that you can touch and feel the quality of the black background chalkboard before you buy.

Online stores like Amazon and eBay also provide options to buy individual blacked background chalkboards online with and without the colored chalks. Along with unlimited sizes and options, but the problem with ordering online is, you can’t make sure the texture of the chalkboard is as you require for your project.

Home Solution To Paint/Write on Black Background Surfaces (Paper, Chalkboard, Mugs, Gift-Box, More)

If you just need a fast solution for a gift, school presentation or even for a box that is going to be shipped and needs some text over it. A quick solution will always be to use a pen corrector that often comes on white ink. This pen corrector formula comes to become very sticky and durable over any surface, if needed to remove, later on, its also a possibility if you use care.

Is Black Background Chalkboard Waterproof?

Depending on your needs, where your ad is displaying or the type of cheap flyer you are printing, every material comes with different textures and resistance to weather and other elements. Please read material details for further details on each specific canvas.


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How to Change the Resolution of a Picture Without Photoshop

Image Resolution Change Without Photoshop (Warning)

change-picture-resolution-without-photoshopThe first thing we want to advise our readers, in other words, warn you about! Is that flat images (none vectorized) like JPG, PNG, BMP will not increase their quality just by increasing their resolution in a design app. You will just enlarge the canvas of the image and get the smaller pixels blurred out by the increase of size (if the application you are using is good enough). If you have a vectorize PDF or Editable file, the story changes drastically and you may change the resolution of the design for bigger or smaller without losing quality at all.

That being said, there are many different and practical ways to change the resolution of an image file, some easier than others. As we understand that not everybody uses vectorized files for resolution change, we will start up talking about regular flat images resolution increase and decrease options. In this article, we will talk first on the easiest way to change the resolution to decrease the file size, then we will escalate on how to increase resolution without messing up the image.

Lower Picture Resolution with Whatsapp

Maybe you already noticed that your cellphone takes amazing high-resolution quality pictures with extensive zoom capabilities without losing resolution quality. That high quality and broad zoom availability come thanks to bigger MegaPixels that are becoming so popular these days. Even the Samsung Galaxy s5 (5 years old smartphone) came with an amazing 15 MP camera, by 2019, the new hype is going for 48+ MP.

But what happens when you take that same picture and send it to a friend thru chat/SMS application? The chat application automatically lowers the resolution/quality of the picture to a minimum acceptable size so the image can still look good, but it might carry just 1/16 of its original size. This is for great help to make our sending and receiving files a lot faster, even when loosing most of the resolution of the picture.

Whatsapp also has options on how much resolution you want to reduce at the time of sending an image or picture, that can be changed on local settings. There you decide how much compression for your picture you wish it to compress it.

So, the file that your recipient got, but at the same time, you also have that lowered resolution picture on your phone, you just need to open that picture directly from the conversation and hit “share”, send it to your email, then download it and you are done!

Lower Picture Resolution with CellPhone Screenshot


People use Screen Capture or Screenshot all the time on computers and smartphones, for many different reasons. This time we can use screen capture to reduce any picture or image quality to the size of a SmartPhone screen resolution, maybe the simplest way available. The file with the reduced resolution picture is created right at the instant you hit the screenshot buttons, the file is saved on cellphone ScreenShot internal folder. The same situation happens here, the picture resolution gets reduced up to 95% allowing you to have a lighter version of the same picture ready to be sent anywhere without effort and big bandwidth data waste.

The downside with this method is that you are limited to the options you got on how much resolution you want the file to loose as it will all depend on the screen size. Still, if you want it to lose further resolution, just open the image first, zoom out a bit with your fingers, then with your other fingers shoot the screenshot. This will make the image even smaller. Now open the image out of the screenshot folder and crop it so you get rid of all the side blank spaces.

Lower Picture Resolution with Any Windows Computer


All windows computer since the 1990s came with a little integrated program called “Paint”. This tool became so popular for regular and easy picture editions and resolution changes that when they tried to discontinue the application, later had to return it back to windows as people were asking for it like crazy.

To lower or increase a picture resolution with Paint, it is a very straight forward process. First, locate the Paint app on your Windows computer, Paint display may change on different versions of Windows but the resolution changer will always be called “Resize” and can be found on the top of the app or within the “TOOLS” menu. Here you may increase or reduce the picture resolution by percentage or by typing down the exact amount of pixels required.

As simple as it is, now you can just save the file with a different name to recognize the difference in resolution for your picture. Remember that you can increase the resolution of your picture but it will not increase the quality at all, just the size of it. If you want to increase the resolution and the quality, keep reading.

Change Picture Resolution With an Online Live Tool

Within a few seconds of searching in GOOGLE, we found a very simple but effective picture resolution changer website that offers this as an online tool for you to use on the fly without downloading anything. In this particular case, we found this site: that will not just allow you to change the resolution of your picture, but it will also allow you to crop and rotate it as well.

Additional options are available to edit your images, like making the background transparent, change the file type to PNG, JPG, among others. Last but not least, there is also a compression selector that will allow you to decide the final resolution for your picture before saving it.

Ask a Friend Near You to Change the Resolution For You

Another option that can not be taken for granted is asking a friend for help. Maybe you know someone that uses a computer often and know exactly the purpose and reason why you need to change the resolution on a picture and will do that for you free of cost and with precise results.

Increase Picture Resolution Without Lossing Quality (WHATTT?)

If your plan is to increment and the resolution of a picture but don’t want to lose quality or make it look blurry after the resize. There is an additional option that you will love. It is called AI (Artificial Intelligence) Image Enhance, with this machine learning application you may increase an image resolution up to 600% without losing the sharpness and quality of the picture. This is thanks to regenerated and rearranged pixels by the AI software.

There are a few apps out there that will do the same work for you, some in an efficient way some in very inefficient ways. We could not test all there are available, but for sure we found some good PAID and FREE options for AI image enlargement tools.

  • Paid option:


Enlarging your image without losing detail has always been impossible… until now. Upscale your photos by up to 600% while perfectly preserving image quality.

  • FREE option


Let’s Enhance is a Ukrainian start-up which develops an online service driven by artificial intelligence which allows improving images and zooming them without losing quality. According to the developers, they used the super-resolution technology of machine learning.

Any Good Printing Company Will Do It For Free If You Place An Order

There are printing companies like that will do this for you really cheap or even for Free if you are planning on placing an order with them. Don’t be shy and ask around, there is an option called “Free Design Proof” that will get your design checkup before you even pay for it.


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