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Paper Printing Companies

Cheap Paper Printing Companies Near to Me

if we are looking for a local paper printing company near me, would be referring to many different things. Maybe you need a paper supply company that providers paper for printing near you. Also, you could be looking for a local printer that will actually print paper for you near where you are. Either way, we will answer this question with a little research on where to go if you need paper for printing or a company to print paper near you.

First of all, be aware that we are not able to cover each city and each state within this article, so we will grant you general information so you are able to then run your own research.

Cheap Paper Printing Companies Near to Me

Looking for a Paper Provider for Printing Near Where You Are

We have been dealing with paper providers of all kind for decades now. There is a very good constant that persists no matter where your printing needs are located. This constant is that local providers become a lot better to deal with, than long-distance paper for printing providers. With a local provider, you could build a stronger and long-lasting relationship with a local provider. The reason why you could build a better relationship with a local provider is that they will appreciate your business a lot more than a nationwide entity.

Also, local providers don’t carry as a high volume as nationwide providers. You might find that the paper cost with a local provider near you could be a bit more expensive than other providers. That will be in the beginning, as your relationship grows, the price could drop a lot if you make the right moves from the beginning.

Connect Deep With Your Paper Distributor Provider

Since day #1, you need to let them know you are in serious business. Not just a 1-time customer looking to go thru a single project and that’s it. So every paper purchase you make counts from that point on.

So, when you go buy some paper for the first time, bring some good questions with you. Ask about paper compatibility with your printer. Also, ask about glossy and matte papers, build up some nice intelligent questions that will make you talk with the distributor manager, therefore, to build a relationship with them.

After a few months or years being a constant customer. You will notice how better could things go. Faster services and lower prices for the same paper products you used to buy. Build your relationship with the distributor and you will thank us later, that you didn’t go for nationwide providers.

Searching for Local Paper Distributor

While we were established in Rhode Island (for example). We found a great provider there called “Paper Works”. This provider was really close to us, proximity helped in a big way for rush orders with specialty papers. In general, having this provider near us was a big deal. In the beginning, we noticed the price was a little steep for what we could get online. But well, we decided to build some local trust. That was over 10 years ago, no days we still do business with them.

Believe it or not, looking for a good paper provider online is a very hard task. The main reason is that you will mostly find printing companies trying to sell you the printed product already done. Instead of finding a serious paper stock warehouse.

When searching for a paper for printing provider near you, make sure to look out for companies that carry the word “paper” within their name. There is something going on with companies with any other words on the name, for some reason they never worked properly for us. So stick to catchy names that contain paper within the business name. Some local options are as follows:

Provider Near California:


Provider Near New York:

Tel: (800) 727-3701
Fax: (973) 992-4339

Hours of operation: Mon- Fri 9 AM to 6:00 PM

ADDRESS: 66 Okner Parkway Livingston, NJ 07039 – USA

Provider Near Florida:

Partner with an Industry Leader with over 20 years of experience.

Phone Number
Toll Free: (866) 835-6060
Local: (305) 835-6060

(305) 884-8424


Provider Near Texas:

Matera Paper Company Corporate Office
835 North .W.W. White Road
San Antonio, Texas 78219
(888) 294-6375
Fax: 210-892-5162

Provider near Rhode Island:

PaperWorks Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Service Phone Number 1-888-631-9170


Looking for a Printer Provider That Will Print Paper For You

On the other hand, you might be looking at getting someone to print paper for you. For a wedding, homework or even for business entity material like business cards and letterhead. These are much more popular and easier to find. In any major town, you will find at least 3 or more printing companies ready to design and print anything you might need from them.

Pricing will vary “A LOT” from one provider to the other with no certain explanation. Some printers will just decide to charge more than others. There is no constant on why they will do that. So we would strongly suggest asking for pricing before you go all the way in. While you search for possible printing providers, take the phone and call them.

Ask for a quote representative and make them give you final price through the phone. If they are a serious company with competitive pricing, you will get your price right away. If they manipulate the pricing you will notice right away, some extra difficulty at getting your quote completed. Sometimes these manipulative printer providers will even ask you to visit them personally to give you the price. This is a very well know strategy to get you compromised to buy with them once you already traveled to their printing store even if it was already near you.

Tips for Local Printers

To find a local printing company near you, another tip we would suggest. Look closely to how recent the printing business actually is. If it looks very old, you might be overcharged outdated pricing and outdated fees that we don’t see in the present world. The printing industry has evolved so much within the last few decades that some old printers can’t keep up with these prominent advantages.

So, yes, the appearance counts when shopping around for local printers. Modern printers are way more flexible than older businesses in regards to custom made stuff for cheap price.

Printing Custom Envelope Project Sample:

One good example of how a modern business could accomplish a custom job cheaper and easier than an old-school print shop. If you needed 50 customized envelopes for a special event presentation. We will show you how they both will proceed to quote for this special job for paper printing companies near to me.

Approach for old-school Print Shop: With limited tools at hand, these printer providers will first quote you for an expensive design setup. Back in the day, design services were very expensive just by having a designer available at the store. So even if you needed something simple, a full design fee will be charged to you. Then, they will plan to print your envelopes on a color press machine. This machine takes a long time to set up and to clean up after job is done. You will probably want your envelope to be printed with a single color process instead of a nice full-color process. And those 50 envelopes could sum up anywhere around $150 total.

Approach for Modern Print Shop: With flexibility in equipment and ready to print pre-designed templates. You will save money on the design fee, so far that it could even be done for free at some places. For printing, instead of using an offset press that takes a lot of time to setup. A color copy laser machine will be used, no setup required for these sort of machines. The final product could cost you anywhere around $35 Total.

Additional Alternatives for envelopes paper: Exotic Paper Materials to Make Your Envelopes From

Envelopes are used for a variety of purposes such as personal mail, business communications or simple storage options. Traditionally, the paper has been used for the manufacture of these packages. Be that as it may, the advancement of printing technologies has made it possible to use a wide variety of materials for making these papers. Many of these alternatives are environmentally friendly options which were devised so as to stop the cutting down of trees to manufacture paper.

Will The Alternative Materials Be Good?

You can easily get envelopes made from paper alternatives these days. Of course, the major benefit is undoubtedly for the environment as it reduces deforestation. However, it does not mean that you will have to work with unsuitable materials that make your envelopes look ugly. These alternative materials can be even more beautiful than paper when made into an envelope even if you are opting for a custom size of an envelope. Some of the various alternatives to trees and paper are given below.

Postconsumer Waste

This term denotes the paper which has been used and thrown away or sent for recycling. By recycling the waste to produce paper it is possible to decrease the number of trees which need to be cut down in order to make paper from the very beginning. Additionally, recycled paper tends to be thicker which makes them good options for envelopes. After all, a thicker paper stock can create a more durable envelope.


One of the best properties of the hemp plant is that it can grow rapidly. Therefore, it is possible to grow more fiber from each acre by planting hemp rather than wood producing trees.


Bamboo is another popular choice for making paper printing companies near me. The special sauce of the Bamboo is actually a variety of grass and it tends to grow very fast. Additionally, it is capable of producing a lot of fiber per acre as compared to the commercial species used for making paper. As such, it can prove to be an invaluable resource for the essential fibers required for creating paper.


This is a combination of wastes which can be converted into pulp for making paper. Wastes and fed into machines are agricultural wastes is combined with postconsumer. This produces a more eco-friendly paper.

Cotton for Paper Printing Companies Near Me

Cotton has been traditionally grown in order to produce fiber for making clothes. However, cotton can also be a viable choice for creating paper. This is a rather new method but can prove to be quite effective as an ecofriendly alternative. In order to make the process friendlier to the environment, it is possible to grow the cotton organically. Additionally, cotton fibers can be produced in different colors such as brown and white.

Thanks to the advanced technologies available today, it has become easier than ever to create any size of an envelope from all kinds of paper. However, you should also take care as to the types of material used for making them. After all, you can create a wonderful impression when people realize that your envelopes are ecofriendly.

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