What is Bleed in Printing?

Printing with Bleed? Or Full Bleed Or No Bleed, Sound Familiar?


Where you ask to design a file that contains bleed in printing? In the printing industry, there is a term called “Bleeding” to refer to a specific tactic. Bleeding mostly means “no borders”. For bleeding the design wich is going to be printed, the designer needs to extend the canvas an additional 0.25″ (1/4 of an inch) vertically and horizontally. This extra space is not used for text or important data as it’s going to be Trimmed off (cut) just to create the effect as if the product was printed all the way to the edge with no borders.

Bleed is mostly used to extend the background of the image further away just about a quarter-inch further than where the cutting line goes. For images with no backgrounds, we also see stripes, lines fade or even segments of the designs like “line dividers” that cross all over the printed product.

Full Bleed is the actual term used most of the time to indicate that the printing will go all the way to the border. People already simplified the “Full Bleed” words to just use the word “Bleed” to replace it.

Each country has its own natural bleeding techquines:


For each country and printer company, the different bleed requirement may be required. This information may be found at the printer’s website or by downloading pre-set-up templates.

Online USA: For the online market we tend to see 0.25″ bleed mark as the standard to allow broader range and compatibility with almost any printing press and design team.

Local USA: For old times designers and old-school print stores, requirements are for 1/8 of an inch (0.125″) as the preferred bleed minimum requirement. All printers are capable of managing this amount of bleed, but still, online printers rather bigger bleed areas.

Europe: Within Eastern printing market we see a wider range of acceptance for bleed as they require all the way from 2mm up to 5mm on the design file. This varies a lot from one printer to another with no exact reason.




Bleeding Technique

sample for crop bleed printed page

Bleeding is mostly based on the visual illusion that your printed product was printed all the way to the edge of the paper. There are printers with this sort of capabilities, no doubt about it. But the technique of bleeding won’t stop there, people will ask for this service on every level of the print chain. From color copies to business cards, people love to have them bled all the way to the corner. Sometimes bleeding comes with an extra cost, it might be losing the space which is being trimmed of; another way to lose. Your printer will charge you some extra bucks to have your print out trimmed off to the edge. Last but not least, your print order could de be delayed for some extra hours or days if you request them to bleed it for you.

Most products in the market are already quoted to contain the bleeding. So the price already contemplates the possibility of full bleeding in your art with no additional charges and no additional turnaround to your print order. If you look to any of the prime online printers in the market like VistaPrint or 55printing, you will notice that there is no mention on extra cost or extra cutting time for bleeding designs except for the cheap color copies by 55printing.com that requires extra steps to bleed out.

Printers With Bleeding Capabilities (borderless)



During these few past years, the need for full-bleed printing has been increasing dramatically. Consumers don’t like the white border in their print outs anymore. Looks unfinished and out of touch for most of the applications, consumers needed a way to replicate full bleeding in some way.

  • Trimmer: First choice was to buy a home trimmer to cut off the white edge out of the printed paper. Sounds good but, will you trim each page, each photo off? It could take you hours to do so manually. Also, cutting might not be just perfect and you will end up re-printing it for a second try.
  • Ordering Trimming at a Print Shop: Print shops are no cheap, extra services like trimming might cost an extra couple of bucks as well. So this is not the most practical way to go about trimming your print outs.
  • Buy a Home Printer: We saw it first in 2006 with an Epson printer that was offering borderless (full bleed) printing right off the bat. The technology was still very new back then and many errors and flaws would come in consequence to this. Now, about 15 years later, this technology has grown and perfected to a way you won’t have to worry about it. Home printers like the Canon PIXMA G1010 will do the job for you just right, every time!

A Little More About The Inkjet Canon PIXMA G1010

This Canon printer is among the most popular home-based, high volume printers that support many capabilities to make your life easier as we are about to enumerate here:

  1. Refillable Cartridges: The design allows easy to watch ink levels, you notice as soon as the levels are going down just from in front of the printer. Then you may proceed to re-fill it as you wish. No need to go buy additional ink cartridges for this.
  2. Non-Spillable Refills: You can buy ink by bulk, these little refillable bottles come with a technology that you will not create any mess around the printer or your table.
  3. Borderless Printing (Full Bleed): This printer allows borderless printing on images and paper smaller than the bay size. For example, you can feed the printer with picture or postcard size glossy paper (4″ x 6″) and it will print it all the to the border with no issues.
  4. High Volume Prints: This printer comes for higher volume capabilities, recommended to use for printing jobs between 150 and 1,500 sheets at a time. No overheating, no paper jamming, no issues for this sort of volume. If you increase the paperweight, allow extra rest time between print-outs.
  5. Ink Will Not Smudge on Glossy Paper: Often seen when you use not a compatible glossy paper on home-based inkjet printers. The ink will just drip off and smudge out of the glossy paper causing real chaos. This printer is compatible with a wider range of glossy paper to avoid ink smudge for the most part.

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All About Scribble Color Scanning Pen – Buy for Cheap

What Is The Scribble Pen?


Publicly known as ““revolutionary pen that draws in any color!”” the Scribble color scanning and print pen in short words is a very advanced pen that is capable to scan “any color in the world” from any surface and then copy/replicate that color for pen writing. Color scanning is also meant for digital uses as you can extract color code from the pen. This revolutionary pen has been calling the attention of all media for the last year, Scribble pen solves a lot of situations for practical home and industry uses.

During this article we will discuss what main uses for the Scribble Color Scanning Pen, how it works, provide you instructions and videos on how to use it, where to buy it for cheap and more!

Scribble Story Starts at KickStarter


Back in early 2011, a group of dreamers submitted a project for funding in favor of the Scribble prototype project, it was an instant global hit as people went crazy to support the creators of this incredible idea. It was promising then and still very promising after almost 10 years of its submission for budget support.

Unfortunately, the Scribble color scanning and printing pen project had to be canceled as it called the attention of the KickStarter team right away. They were concerned that this project was just promising fake future results on technology that actually didn’t exist at the time. So the Kickstarter team reached out to the creators of the budget claim project to see if they could provide some sort of proof or a provisional functional prototype.

With this prototype request by KickStarter, they could at least proof that the project was not only based on dreams but a real and actual object might be already in the works. But the team was not ready to show anything close to their dreams and this caused the project to be canceled from funding raising. Over $300,000 were raised within the first few hours of the project being published, all these were returned to the actual bidders after the Scribble project got canceled.

Funding Was Born

Later they responded that the team of KickStarter didn’t have to panic. A video with explanatory samples on how they are going to develop de Scribble project was going to be released soon. But instead, the Scribble team opted to just walk out of that KickStarter system. Instead, they created their own crowdfunding system far from the “arbitrary” specifications that blocked the funding in the first place. It didn’t have much trust by themselves as expected, so the team had to fall again into another funding source called “Tilt”.

Bidders see the product up for bidding for 3rd time, something is not looking clear here and the support falls to 2/3 of what the raised in the first campaign. Still, over $200,000 was more than enough to get the project running but another problem surged at this time. The fund sourcing team also requested more information about the project, same situation as before. Ended up canceling the project, again! A working 100% prototype was not possible to have in hand at that time as the technology needed to create it didn’t exist yet, the reason why they needed the funds.

Who said beginnings were easy? Funny thing is that other fund-raisers using the same application, haven’t found this difficulty even with less productive and accurate working prototypes.

Weird Bad Vibes Against Scribble Pen Capabilities and Prototype Tests


Once the first useful prototype was successfully made, a video was recorded to prove that the pen actually works and does exactly as promised before against all odds and probabilities. But something really weird happened, during the film of the video, some frames overlapped the video as if it was edited. ( Picture above this paragraph shows the difference ) Causing a mass doubt thru the public thinking that the video could just be a fake. This hurt the trust the Scribble team had and it just got worse after Reddit took the topic as well. We all know Reddit, one of the biggest threat and conversational forum in the world, people love it to discuss topics on this site.

This evolved to a crowd of people investigating if the fact that a pen-like this was possible, or even a prototype was made that the story went on and on. Now people moved investigation among bloggers and article writers about the topic. Even an interview was found as a fake too, as the person “interviewed” didn’t actually exist. This is a known method for just fast online promotion but, didn’t work so well for the scribble team as it was looking really bad. As the investigation continued, these people discovered who was the “real person” behind all of these crowdfunding projects and it was not the company founders or owners. As no information was found locally or within any tech forum in the area where they supposedly lived. Only information about Scribble founders was only found on same Scribble website as if they didn’t exist at all.

The Research Goes On

The research kept on going looking out for companies registered within the United States for the last 2 years with anything similar to a pen within the company title, nothing was found. So if they were running this company under personal liability, any promised not accomplished could be sued against funding owner personal assets. All these looked really weird at that time. The only way to take this project out to the public was to fabricate a few Scribble pens as a prototype and send them to the main influencers in the media for them to try it out and speak for the product.

Gaining the Trust of The Influencers

Some of the top influencers signed in for a sample prototype so they could be the first in the world to try such a new technology. But continuous emails from Scribble team saying that there are delays and having difficulties to complete the prototypes so they couldn’t deliver until after a few months. These bloggers were publishing every step of the way and it was looking really bad for the eyes of the crowdfunding prospects at that time.

At this point, they were trying to sell the prototypes with the promise of getting them after a year of your order. By that time in 2016, the company was looking like a scam proposition and everybody turned away their support to the cause.

The story goes on and on but for the most part, we just wanted to give you a feel and look at how new and impressive technology has so many drawbacks in the beginning before it gets to the store for you to buy for a very cheap price.

The History Behind The Scribble Pen Technology


The Scribble team declared a 2 years intense design and technology path to get the pen to its final shape as we see it today. A lot of changes to the mechanism and the design of the pen were made as they needed it to be ready for home and commercial. At the same time, they also needed to make sure it will work free of defects. Knowing it is also going to be used for home applications, the size of the Scribble product had to be small. A small scanner and printer that could fit in your hand? A lot of innovations and new technology had to be invented to get this done with all the features it carries and the small size it has.

After the few first prototypes were made, the next challenge was to make it “bulletproof”. Remember the small piece of technology like this comes with a lot of internal, small and sensitive parts spooled very tight together. Even a small drop to the floor could be devastating if extra measures are not taken into count for the final production of the Scribble pen.

Thanks to the Scribble team, innovations never seen before were made possible for the color reproducing industry. Many of this new technology could improve the quality, size, speed, and cost of all of the future equipment with similar functionality.

How They Make It All Possible And SO SMALL

We figure you might still be curious about how they got all these functions together within a very little but resistant and functional tool. So here are some facts on the science behind the tech and how this device get it did and don’t expect us to say its just magic (LOL). Here are some specifications as established on their official website:

Scribble Stylus Pen

Compatibility iOS 7+, Android 4.0+
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB
Battery Life 15 hours
Color Sensor RGB Sensor
Tip Soft rubber tips included
Dimension 169 x 14.33mm (6.65 x 0.56 in.)

What Can The Scribble Pen Do?


The pen has so many technology parts in it, that once you start to describe it, you might be thinking, HOW THEY FIT ALL THESE IN A LITTLE PEN? But yes, the pen carries a small eye sensor to capture the color in an object near it. It is very small and easy to clean. The eye/sensor captures the color in an RGB format and converts the color into a popular color palette code for easy replication. Simply point the pen into the direction of anything you need the color replicated, and hit the button. A little stripe around the sensor will light up with the tone of the new color being copied, save the color to then write with it or just for later use and sync it to your cellphone or device, Isn’t that cool?

How to Re-fill Ink?


Offered in their website and almost any used website store over the internet, you can find the “Refillable Ink Cartridge”, in their own words: Scribble’s ink cartridge connects to a mixer and dispenser that exactly recreates the color you have scanned. Each cartridge comes with 30 miles of ink, and new cartridges cost less than $10!… I believe they have said it all. Looks really simple to use and to install.

Drawing Process


For your convenience, the scribble pen came with 3 drawing tips for different textures and feel. This allows you to express yourself with a different character, maybe thinner may be bolder. Gives you the will of choosing which size tip you need in case you are writing or drawing.

Do They Offer Guarantee?

The bad part is that the pen is actually NOT STILL AVAILABLE after so many years. We are not sure if this is a scam company or what. But we did a little research and found the competence that is already building and selling samples of these sort of pens and you could buy one right now with no waiting lines and no possibilities of being scammed.

Where to Buy a Similar Pen for Cheap?

The best choice is to look at Amazon and eBay for similar pens that are already available to the public. We ran a little search for eBay and found a very cheap $25 scribble-like pen available from China. (Screenshot Below). It looks very futuristic and is also sold with an extended guarantee so you won’t be scammed as advice earlier. Also, no need to pay almost $250 for a pen that doesn’t even exist yet as seen on Scribble website.



Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t carry any type of similar pens as we ran a search there too for possible prototypes or new products. Stick with eBay if you want to give this a test run.



Popular Search: How Many Kids Does Offset Have

How Does This Relate to Cheap 55 Printing?

Recently we are having a flood of searches landing in our pages for the keyword “How Many Kids Does Offset Have”. These searches are referring to an American rapper who has been active in the art world since 2002.

Hip-hop artist and singer that by coincidence is also called “Offset” ( Twitter.com/offsetyrn ), very popular, especially after he married Cardi B. (another popular artist). Coincidentally, “Offset” is also a term used for Cheap Color Process Printing Machines used by almost all of the big printing companies in the market. Thanks to the traffic this topic has brought us, we will answer this question for you guys.

Offset rapper singer

Kiari Kendrell Cephus (born December 14, 1991), known professionally as Offset, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Lawrenceville, Georgia. He is a member of the hip hop and trap music trio Migos, alongside cousins Takeoff and Quavo.

Answer to the Question, How many children does Offset Has?

As for this moment, August 9th, 2019 the popular rapper Offset has 4 children, 3 from previous relationships and 1 with Cardi B. (currently married in a private event on September 20, 2018). First, three children are called “sons Jordan”, Kody and daughter Kalea, then Offset had a child with Cardi B. whos name is Kiari Cephus, born July 10, 2018, not so long ago.

Little Words on Who Is Cardi-B.

offset-rapper-cardi-bBelcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Born and raised in The Bronx, New York City, she became an Internet celebrity after several of her posts and videos became viral on Vine and Instagram.


Offset 4th Kid “Kulture Kiari Cephus” (Most Recent)

Kulture Kiari Cephus - offset kid with kardi bFirst-time Kardy B. mentioned pregnancy was on April 2018. This child is a big deal for Kardy B. as this is her first time having a baby. The child is an American born, became the first children for Kardi B. and the 4th children for the rapper Offset.

because the female offspring of undisputedly one amongst the foremost authoritative musicians at this moment, Kulture has been below the spotlight since her birth. many articles, reports, and columns are revealed on her. There area unit many fan pages that have already been got wind of on Twitter and Instagram. it’s quite probably that kid can grow old ahead of the cameras and maybe find out how to simply accept her inheritable quality because of the child of celebrities.

Two weeks before the birth of Kulture, her mother created the news of her wedding to Offset public. She has conjointly spoken regarding her daughter’s uncommon name, stating that it had been chosen by Offset. what is more, Kulture’s name, Kiari, is Offset’s real name.


Credits to:

  • https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/a27226538/offset-kids-jordan-cody-kalea-cardi-b-kulture/
  • -ChimiPrinting-017
  • -Wikipedia


If 100 envelopes cost 70 cents, how much would 250 cost?


100 envelopes costs vs 250 envelopes costs

When you buy cheap envelopes at the store near your house, you might find there are plenty of very cheap options for low quantities envelopes. Sometimes people just need 1 or 2 envelopes for the day and your local store should be able to supply that need. Envelopes when sold in units, they become really expensive compared to when you order packs in bigger envelope quantities. We will compare all these pricing for store ready envelopes and custom envelopes made at home.

Envelope Costs Per Unit and By Packs


The local store near you will have individual envelopes ready for you to buy at the counter by units, but the price for each of these envelopes goes around $0.70 ( 70 Cents ) per unit! This is very practical if you only need 1 envelope at this time and you believe you will not use any other more in the near future. But if you need 2 o 3 envelopes instead of only just 1 unit, you should start considering some other options.

At the same store, you visited where they want to sell you individually plain envelopes. They also carry packs of envelopes sold for a lot cheaper relatively to when you buy them individually. For example, a pack of 100 plain envelopes could cost you somewhere between $9 and $12… That is about $0.09 ( 9 Cents ) per envelope. Almost 90% savings at the time you buy a pack of just 100 units instead of buying them individually.

Where Are The Real Savings for Buying Envelopes?

So we already noticed the price jump per unit when you compare packs of 100 against 1 single purchase. But what would happen if instead of 100 envelopes pack, you go all the way up for 500? Maybe you don’t need that many envelopes right now, but it might be good to have some spare envelopes at home in case of an emergency. Here is the best part, a pack of 500 envelopes only will cost you around $15 to $20 bucks. The price for the envelopes dropped to a cost of only $0.03 ( 3 cents ) per unit and most of us could even say they are free of charge compared to buying at 70 cents the unit when you just take 1 or 2 at a time.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Envelopes Online or Near You?

There are many good providers for local and online envelopes, you may start by looking at local shops near you. Preferably locally owned businesses to support your neighbors when purchasing some envelopes, every penny counts. If finding a locally own store near you is getting hard for you, jump to the corporate side like Staples, Office-Depot, Office-Max, Kinkos, among others. But, if you are not in a rush, then we would recommend running a quick search online at eBay or Amazon. Online sites tend to give way better prices than local stores and sometimes you can get free shipping.

The benefit of buying envelopes online is the cost per unit much much lower and cheaper than going to a local store. Also, you will find a huge variety of shapes and sizes that your local store might not carry. Sometimes, online providers have locations near you for faster shipping and transit time.

Custom Cheap Envelopes Printed to Your Needs

If you have bigger needs for custom envelopes, you may hire printers that dedicate specifically to cheap envelope printing services locally and online. Among the benefits of hiring a printer for this task is the fact that they will take care of the whole setup-printing process. Sometimes you can run lucky and you get them doing your art inclusion for free. Free Envelope design proof and setup is often seen at 55printing.com.

The price for custom made envelopes printed online ranges for about $160 for 1,000 units, not bad if we take into count that the actual envelope is being provided. The printing of the envelope happens before it is folded to its final shape, giving you more design flexibility at the time of creating the template. Cheaper prices for envelopes online may happen during special seasons, subscribe to any online envelope printer for further discounts.


Custom Made In-House Cheap Envelopes Printed to Your Needs

If you wish to have the envelopes customized, there are a few homemade options that we could discuss here briefly:

  • Ink-Stamp: Businesses for a fast and easy way to include their name + address + phone, create ink stamps that you could re-use millions of time before it gets damaged or the ink runs out. This is by far the cheaper way to print your information onto an envelope, still not the nicer or cutest.
  • By Hand: If you took calligraphy back in school and you also pride of very nice lettering when you write. That could be a good choice, writing down your contact information along with some cute details around the envelope. This option for custom envelope would be considered cost-free.
  • Home Printer: All of the home printers comes with a little tap that adjusts the paper input layer to a smaller size specifically thinking on printing envelopes in there. Very little knowledge on MS-Word or even Paint is required but at the end, it’s really worth the effort.


  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • 55printing.com
  • Reference code: Chimi-Printing-016

How To Make Your Own Stickers in House

Make Your Own Stickers


Planning on making some stickers? there are a few ways to accomplish this task. You may hire a printing company specialized in sticker printing or you can try to print them at home with a few tools. In this article, we will provide instructions on how to get it done for cheap and fast, both ways.

First, we will talk about how to make your own stickers at home, as not many people need thousands of stickers, and maybe you just need a few dozens. For short-run printing like this, we will always recommend in-house printing for a faster, easier and possible repeat in any near future.

Make Stickers at Home Considerations For Printer, Paper, and Software

Best Printers for Sticker Printing at Home

For in-house sticker printing, you will first need to locate a printing utility provider near you. Maybe home-depot, staples, office-max, search for option in your area and head there to get an Inkjet or Laser printer. Read the specifications on each printer on what is the thicker paper it can handle as the sticker paper is a very thick, multi-layer paper and usually very heavy for the cheaper printers available.

For the Printer selection, we would need to separate them by your needs. If the stickers you are planning to print are just black and white. A laser printer would be the best choice for you as the cost per page is way cheaper than inkjet, the printer is faster, toner burnt into the paper last longer and looks cuter. If you decide to do colored stickers, then the Epson inkjet printer would be the best solution as they come with waterproof functionality and will allow your stickers to be durable and retain form against possible water drop or humidity.

Best Paper Available for Sticker Printing


  • Sticker Shape and Size: In the USA, most of the printers come standard to print on letter-size paper (8.5″x11″). If you wish to print stickers, you should find pre-cut templated label sheets for stickers. This paper is kiss-cut with special machinery just to perforate enough so you can then peel off the extra part of the label that you will not use. The designs available for stickers are very wide in range and sizes, most popular shapes are the oval rounded corner shaped stickers for a final professional look over the square type of sticker.
  • Sticker Paper Finish in Matte or Glossy: For the most part, people love the glossy finish in all sort of printing, it’s shinier and looks cleaner, but for stickers and durability of the same, we would like to recommend the matte version of it. Holds better to the ink and works a lot easier with any cheap printer.
  • Sticker Paper Thickness: Most of the sticker paper come on a light 60lb paper for easy use in any printer and copier. Make sure not to buy anything thicker than this.

To buy this sticker specialty paper online you may refer to any of these sites: onlinelabels.com, sheet-labels.com, worldlabel.com. We recommend buying in person so you may have a better touch and feel to the paper beforehand.

Best Software (Easy to Use)


There are many online apps online that will allow you to design and print the stickers on the fly. Problem is you are subject to their not so cheap printing pricing. So we would rather recommend a home-based software that could be easy to use and at the same time you will be able to elaborate your stickers your own without a problem.

  • MS-Word: There are hundreds of available templates online for you to edit and play around with your MS-word app. They build it in a way that the text you type on the first label automatically repeats itself all over all the other labels so you don’t have to copy and paste every change you do to each sticker. All popular sticker paper provider will carry these templates at their website for you to download completely FREE.
  • Photoshop: If you are some sort of design pro, photoshop will be your best bet as the modification capabilities and bleed options for the sticker design, are endless. Just design 1 sticker and then replicate throughout the page with the pre-sorted downloaded template from sticker provider page.

Last-Minute Adjustments For Printing


So we downloaded the factory provided a template to fit the bought pack of sticker sheets. Awesome! But not so fast. Each printer has different side margins and we are never 100% sure that the template will fall in the paper perfectly the first time. A further modification to the template sheet must be done for testing before you load your final design into the template. This is very easy to do either in MS-Word or Photoshop or any other design application you are using to design your own stickers.

You may notice a slight difference in the printed guideline sticker borders, you might also notice an off-set position horizontally or vertically. All this can be re-sorted and must be taken into consideration before you drop your final design touches to the file.

Depending on how demanding is your sticker design, you might want to super-align the paper to the actually printed template guideline. If you are just printing some regular text for mailing stickers, just don’t worry much about this. If you are designing a nice sticker for promotional purposes, then keep reading.

A Photoshop user will know right away how to adjust the file, but for not so expertise MS-Word users, aligning a sticker page by your own, might not be so easy. Make sure you take a deep breath and get ready to move the page margins up and down, add some extra space on the right or left to push the entire page in some direction. Additional steps could be taken for a perfect fit.

Ready To Print Some Stickers?

Not much is left to say for preparation if you wish to print some custom stickers your own, now that you have the printer, the paper downloaded the templates, have some free application like ms-word and then completed the design with no difficulty. You are just ready to hit “PRINT”. Run any last-minute modification if needed to make the template fit to the actual page.

In the future, we will show you how to print on Roll-Labels for your own. It is easy to manage and very practical in diverse situations.



  • Staples
  • Reference code: Chimi-Printing-014

How to Print on Black / Dark Paper?

Looking on How to do Printing on Black / Dark Paper?


If you have a job that requires you to print it on a dark background or black paper as a printing surface, you have 2 ways to go for it. First way could be just adding a black background to the image and the printer will take care of the rest. On the other hand, you can use colored or white opaque ink to overlay a black empty canvas. Anyway, we will talk more about this in a few seconds.

Why People Want to Print on Black Paper?


A flyer, as it is, are boring and not everybody will stop to read a blank/white page with black text on it. This sort of simplicity is used for legal documents and boring documentation/archive intended printed goods.

If you need a flyer that will stand out from competitors, first start by adding some images to it, effects, color fades, bevels on the text, maybe some clip-arts so it becomes attractive and after potential customer attention is obtained, maybe they will read the content.

Printing Black as Image Background

As done on a daily basis, you may just adjust the design on any application that allows printable backgrounds. Some of the applications that allow a colored background (dark or black) are photoshop, illustrator, ms paint, ms word, among others. Just remember, for the text, images or vector lines to be readable, you need to use bright colors or just plain white to create a contrast against the black/dark background paper.

This is often seen on cheap club-flyers printed for local party events, with dark backgrounds and a lot of effects all over the postcard. For the text to be readable on top of all these effects, additional attributes have to be added to the text to make it bolder, add border, shadows or even bevel effects. In the end, all these together make a great presentation and calls for action to the eyes of the potential customer.

Note: On Microsoft Office, just changing the background color of the sheet will not make it print on the selected color, additional options must be met for this matter.

Using a Black Paper or Dark Grey Empty Canvas


When the paper or canvas used for printing is black or any dark color, you must take in consideration different printing methods that will contain white as part of the ink selection or that the ink dropped over the paper must be thick enough to avoid ink dissolved onto the dark paper and just disappearing. We all know that offset printing presses do this job perfectly when you need to print huge amounts of units like business cards, flyers, postcards or even brochures. 1 single plate for white color as the background for top layers of ink will do the job and they will look beautiful once finished.

Screen Printing On Black Materials For Low Quantities

But, if you are planning on just printing a few units like a T-shirt, mugs, pens, canvas or any material that is black. For this, you may use old-school screen printing when you manually apply the ink thru a pre-perforated screen to allow the ink to flow thru just on precise locations. This will allow you to mask out everywhere where any type of ink is supposed to go for letters or images base color if needed, or just to print white content directly.

Hand Made Design For Black/Dark Chalkboard Instead Of Printing

On many restaurants you see they get a chalkboard to the streets with the specials of the day written big in white chalk to attract the attention of local and walk-by potential customers. This works pretty good as it is extremely economical to just write and erase every day or every time the menu or special deals. This is so cheap to publish, re-do and just a great tool for every day use that the only extra cost for this is the white or colored chalk, most of the time. Remember creativity is a must to create a good looking and attractive black chalkboard ad or promotion.


Where to Buy Printable Dark or Black Canvas For Printing


You can buy chalkboard on any local Staples or Office Depot for your convenience, as there are so many black background chalkboard of many sizes, types, and forms. Also, chalk is available in many sizes and colors. The most convenient advantage of buying local is the fact that you can touch and feel the quality of the black background chalkboard before you buy.

Online stores like Amazon and eBay also provide options to buy individual blacked background chalkboards online with and without the colored chalks. Along with unlimited sizes and options, but the problem with ordering online is, you can’t make sure the texture of the chalkboard is as you require for your project.

Home Solution To Paint/Write on Black Background Surfaces (Paper, Chalkboard, Mugs, Gift-Box, More)

If you just need a fast solution for a gift, school presentation or even for a box that is going to be shipped and needs some text over it. A quick solution will always be to use a pen corrector that often comes on white ink. This pen corrector formula comes to become very sticky and durable over any surface, if needed to remove, later on, its also a possibility if you use care.

Is Black Background Chalkboard Waterproof?

Depending on your needs, where your ad is displaying or the type of cheap flyer you are printing, every material comes with different textures and resistance to weather and other elements. Please read material details for further details on each specific canvas.


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What is the best file format for printing with quality?

Best File Format for Printing If We Need Quality?

design best file formats for printing companies

Design best file formats for printing companies?

We are all aware there are thousands of different graphic file formats for design files all across different computer and software brands, but with the pass of the years, it has been clear on which are the most used file formats and which ones printing companies prefer as for the design file.

Keeping it simple, among all thousands of file formats, printing companies ask the customer to convert their graphic design to “.JPG” as the highest compression (less amount of storage) and highest quality (Will distort the image a lot less than other file formats). Also, remember to convert your art to CMYK for long run offset printing or RGB for color copies, both are going to be explained further in the article.

What File Formats Are Accepted Appart From “.JPG” For Printing


At 55printing.com we accept all file formats available in the world and we then convert it to our more convenient file formats for printing, then we send a graphical proof via email to the customer totally free of charge even before you place the order with us.

To request a free proof for your design, please visit the “Free design proof” request form section here: 55printing.com/free-design-digital-proof-before-printing-order.html

Top 10 File Format for Design Printing

  1. JPG = used interchangeably with JPG. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, who created the standard. JPG files have 2 sub-formats, JPG/Exif (often used in digital cameras and photographic equipment), andJPG/JFIF (often used on the World Wide Web).
  2. PNG = (pronounced ping as in ping-pong; for Portable Network Graphics) is a file format for image compression that, in time, is expected to replace the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) that is widely used in today’s Internet.
  3. PDF = PDF is also an abbreviation for the Netware Printer Definition File. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else.
  4. DOC = In computing, DOC or doc is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the proprietary Microsoft Word Binary File Format. Historically, the extension was used for documentation in plain text, particularly of programs or computer hardware on a wide range of operating systems.
  5. TIFF = Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a variable-resolution bitmapped image format developed by Aldus (now part of Adobe) in 1986. TIFF is very common for transporting color or gray-scale images into page layout applications but is less suited to delivering web content.
  6. BMP = The BMP file format, also known as bitmap image file or device-independent bitmap (DIB) file format or simply a bitmap, is a raster graphics image file format used to store bitmap digital images, independently of the display device (such as a graphics adapter)
  7. SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999. SVG images and their behaviors are defined in XML text files.
  8. PPTX and PPT = A file with the PPTX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Presentation file. These files are used to store slide show presentations.
  9. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) = Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator) EPS is a file extension for a graphics file format used in vector-based images in Adobe Illustrator. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. AnEPS file can contain text as well as graphics.
  10. CDR (CorelDRAW) = A CDR file is a vector graphics file that stores a digital image encoded and compressed to be opened and manipulated by a vector editing software program. Files saved with the CDR extension are designated for use with CorelDRAW products as well as other Corel applications.

CMYK vs RGB Basics

Printing Companies RGB-CMYK-55printing

  • All Scanners, digital lens cameras, and monitors for computers and smartphones use red, green and blue (RGB) light to display color.
  • Commercial printing presses print with cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) ink, also often called as the process printing, instead of the displayed RGB light, and therefore produce a different range of colors and tones.

In what printing case to use CMYK or RGB for the Design File?

The difference is simple, but it is always a good idea and strongly recommended to ask your printer on which file format they want the design file to be on. The main purpose of this color change option, if for you, as the customer to have a better idea on what is the final look of your art, beforehand.

If you built the design in RGB mode and then change it to CMYK, you will right away notice it takes a pale and denoted color tone change as you might take into note this is a totally different way to build up colors. Many mistakes can be avoided by switching to the correct file format on time before sending it to printing.


CMYK for Printing in Bulk

If you are printing more than 1,000 units like business cards, flyers, postcards or brochures, to maintain low costs to the customer, printing companies use the most reliable and better quality printing technique called offset printing. In this printing technique, different plates are pre-perforated for each color layer, then during the printing, the ink goes thru these little wholes onto the paper.

This allows a wider range of tones and printing perfection for your art if designed correctly. Nowadays, offset printing (CMYK) is the top most popular printing method used by printing industries all over the world. So for the designer, its a must to know about this little trick.

RGB for Printing in Little Quantities

When you are just concerned on printing a little number of copies like a few postcards to send to friends, maybe a few pictures to print for the album or even a few flyers to hand out to local customers. The odds that you will find yourself printing these on a regular copier machine are very high. Getting cheap color copies for regular daily activity is really easy and there are many local print shops with these machines all over the place.

The ink or toner used for color copies machines is in the same color format as the screen on your smartphone or even your computer screen, making it a lot easier for you to see a better idea on what the final product will look like after printing.


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Who are the Largest Online Printing Companies in the United States?

Largest Printing Companies

If you are looking for a nationwide list of the biggest printing companies, you will realize that they are not so popular compared to the online printing companies market.

(Most popular online printing companies within USA territory)

(Most popular online printing companies within USA territory)

We see so many TV ads for VistaPrint that it induces us to believe that maybe they are just the biggest printing company that exist within the United States. But just hold on tight to your seat that we will show some shocking facts.

Actually, VistaPrint that is believed by most as the most prominent and productive printing company within USA area comes on place #150+ on a list we found online where there are about 400 other companies organized by how powerful and commercially capable they are. This list link can be found at the end of this article on the source area.

Top 100 Largest Printing Companies (Not Just Online) 2019 Updated

Below we will disclose a recently updated list of the top 100 largest printing companies within the territorial USA, not only for online presence but also locally. The list originally contains 400 entries, but we have just limited up to the first 100 for this publication, for the remaining 300 printing companies, refer to the resources below.

top largest printing companies list of 400 within united states

Company Location
1 American Printing Birmingham, AL
2 EBSCO Media Birmingham, AL
3 Democrat Printing & Lithographing Little Rock, AR
4 Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. Fort Smith, AR
5 Courier Graphics Phoenix, AZ
6 Old Ina Corp. Tucson, AZ
7 O’Neil Printing Phoenix, AZ
8 Prisma Graphic Corp. Phoenix, AZ
9 4 Over Inc. Glendale, CA
10 Bert-Co Graphics Corritas, CA
11 Best Label Cerritos, CA
12 California Lithographers Concord, CA
13 California Offset Printers Glendale, CA
14 Cellotape Inc. Fremont, CA
15 Chromatic Lithographers Glendale, CA
16 Diversified Printers La Mirada, CA
17 Dome Printing Sacramento, CA
18 Dual Graphics Brea, CA
19 Fong Brothers Printing Brisbane, CA
20 G2 Graphic Service N. Hollywood, CA
21 Impress Communications Chatsworth, CA
22 Insync Marketing Solutions Los Angeles, CA
23 K/P Corp. San Ramon, CA
24 Label Technology Merced, CA
25 Lithographix Inc. Hawthorne, CA
26 Media Lithographics City of Commerce, CA
27 Neyenesch Printers San Diego, CA
28 O’Neil Data Systems Los Angeles, CA
29 Penn Industries Cerritos, CA
30 Phoenix Marketing Services Claremont, CA
31 PIP Printing and Document Services Mission Viejo, CA
32 Primary Color Systems Costa Mesa, CA
33 Sinclair Printing Los Angeles, CA
34 Sir Speedy Mission Viejo, CA
35 Southern California Graphics Culver City, CA
36 Southwest Offset Printing Gardena, CA
37 The Dot Printer Irvine, CA
38 Trend Offset Printing Los Alamitos, CA
39 Westamerica Graphics Foothill Ranch, CA
40 Canadian Bank Note Ottawa, Canada
41 Friesens Corp. Altona, Canada
42 Hemlock Printers Burnaby, Canada
43 Metropolitan Fine Printers Vancouver, Canada
44 Phipps Dickson Integria Saint-Laurent, Canada
45 Printwest Communications Regina, Canada
46 Quebecor World Montréal, Canada
47 Rhino Print Solutions Richmond, Canada
48 Solisco Printers Scott, Canada
49 St. Joseph Printing Concord, Canada
50 Teldon Print Media Richmond, Canada
51 Transcontinental Inc. Montréal, Canada
52 Webcom Inc. Scarborough, Canada
53 Colorado Printing Grand Junction, CO
54 Johnson Printing Boulder, CO
55 National Hirschfeld Denver, CO
56 Signature Offset Boulder, CO
57 Vision Graphics Loveland, CO
58 Cenveo Stamford, CT
59 Finlay Printing Bloomfield, CT
60 Integrity Graphics Windsor, CT
61 National Graphics N. Branford, CT
62 The Harty Press New Haven, CT
63 Associates Graphic Services Wilmington, DE
64 Foxfire Printing and Packaging Newark, DE
65 Boyd Brothers Panama City, FL
66 Colonial Press Int’l Miami, FL
67 Franklin Communications Miami, FL
68 Interprint Web & Sheet Fed Clearwater, FL
69 Rex Three Sunrise, FL
70 Rose Printing Tallahassee, FL
71 Solo Printing Miami, FL
72 Southeastern Printing Stuart, FL
73 St. Ives Inc. U.S. Hollywood, FL
74 doodad Austell, GA
75 Geographics Inc. Atlanta, GA
76 ProGraphics Communications Atlanta, GA
77 Scientific Games Int’l Alpharetta, GA
78 SleeveCo Inc. Dawsonville, GA
79 The EPI Companies Marietta, GA
80 Tucker Castleberry Atlanta, GA
81 Walton Press Monroe, GA
82 HBP Printing Graphics & Information Services, Hagerstown
83 Hagadone Printing Honolulu, HI
84 Acme Printing Des Moines, IA
85 Cedar Graphics Hiawatha, IA
86 Edwards Graphic Arts Des Moines, IA
87 Fisher Group Hiawatha, IA
88 J&A Printing Hiawatha, IA
89 Midland Information Resources Davenport, IA
90 ABS Graphics Addison, IL
91 Berlin Industries Carol Stream, IL
92 Continental Web Press Itasca, IL
93 Creative Printing Services Des Plaines, IL
94 Des Plaines Printing Des Plaines, IL
95 Diversified Labeling Solutions Itasca, IL
96 E/D Web Cicero, IL
97 FCL Graphics Harwood Heights, IL
98 Fort Dearborn Elk Grove, IL
99 GFX International Grayslake, IL
100 Graphix Products West Chicago, IL

We want to take a minute and also congratulate every company showing in this list. The printing market is so big within the USA that belonging to this is list is a result of decades of effort and good work.

Online Most Popular Printing Companies


The online market is very different from the locals as we are going to notice in a little bit. Predominance on the online world only relies on how good are your rankings in Google search engine. Bing, Yahoo and another source of traffic represent less than 1% of final sales for organic traffic in the printing industries seen in an article published by 55printing.com a while ago.

That being said, we could arrange a list of the top online printing companies just by arranging them for the organic traffic value they represent as the best presence measure for each site.google-organic-traffic-graphic-printing-keywords-sample

For the following list, we will use public and available well research database tool called semrush.com, this site provides very accurate data for online sites including the number of keywords ranking and the amount of traffic they estimate they will generate by ranking those keywords on their current position.

The actual printing costs of their products and amount of customers are not taken into consideration for this following list as some of them have really cheap printing prices but rank as the latest, and more expensive printing sites are ranking on top, so that is not a good number for comparison.

Online Comparison By Google Organic Traffic Values

If you want to compare these online printing businesses with another tool like ahrefs.com, Alexa or moz.com, you are more than welcome to do so and then share it with us if you please.

List of the top 20 most popular online printers within the USA

1.- Url SR KWords SR Traffic
2.- shutterfly.com 748629 6180451
3.- canva.com 825286 5272463
4.- vistaprint.com 247530 2833977
5.- snapfish.com 91528 681592
6.- minted.com 142243 476183
7.- basicinvite.com 74184 441498
8.- moo.com 47640 266723
9.- uprinting.com 62835 261345
10.- signs.com 76748 258415
11.- printingforless.com 40896 99096
12.- overnightprints.com 24009 96978
13.- printrunner.com 19329 67619
14.- 4over4.com 30224 49855
15.- printplace.com 23091 48141
16.- nextdayflyers.com 30984 42742
17.- 48hourprint.com 11094 28109
18.- primoprint.com 10031 17444
19.- zooprinting.com 4578 8617
20.- 55printing.com 2153 4860

More information will be updated soon… Thanks for reading so far.

Another topic for 5 most popular T-shirt printing companies in the USA we also found this video for you:



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Printing on Glossy Paper Smudges Myth

printing on glossy paper smudges myths - small 55printingThe myth behind the topic: Printing on Glossy Paper Smudges

For decades, people with in-house printing machines, often the most popular inkjet technology printers, encounter themselves with a very old and common situation, the printed ink smudges on glossy paper.

There are many reasons why this smudge printed ink could be happening and we will talk about some of them shortly.

Reason #1: Cheap Inkjet Printers


There are many good and reputable printers (like the brands on the image above) but sometimes a bit pricy, people the go for other cheaper unknown brands. Watch out for that!

If you buy a very cheap inkjet printer, you could first read the specification on what paper capabilities the printer has. Some of them are only capable of printing on regular plain paper materials which are really light and easy to manage but don’t try to overload them with a heavy stock glossy paper or you will see problems right away.

These printers have really small electric motors to spin the paper thru the ink cartridges for ink input. If the paper is heavier than the printer specification, the printer might throw a few layers more of ink than necessary, causing a delayed dry up or even a never dried printed sheet causing it to smudge as soon as it touches air.

Reason #2: Cheap Glossy Paper

inkjet drop over paper while printing

China is very famous for providing us with very cheap materials for all sort of industries including printing as well. Ink, toner, and paper are a most for a print store to function and China knows that.

Sometimes we find a better deal on a glossy paper coming from China than a regular (US) locally produced paper or maybe a famous paper brand. This price discount comes out with a price in some cases and its called “quality”. A glossy paper could drink any inkjet printer ink really nice and smooth if fabricated, packed and shipped correctly. If you saved a few bocks on any of these steps for a cheaper final product, you will end up with lower quality and probably defective paper stock that will not help with your home inkjet printer causing immediate ink smudge.

Reason #3 Paper Stock Meant For Different Printer Type


There is a huge difference between printers manufacturers, among most popular printer providers we find HP (Hewlett Packard) and Epson. These are just 2 different inkjet printers with the biggest difference in the world.

The biggest difference on these 2 companies home base inkjet printers is that Epson prints waterproofs and HP doesn’t. This is a huge thing when printing anything from a photo, flyer, document or even a thank note.

So probably, a certain paper was created for certain inkjet printer and we don’t know about it. So a solution for this is to read from your printer provider to see which paper company they recommend for their printers.

Reason #4 Give it Time to Dry Before Smudging

Last but not least, sometimes it just needs time. Maybe its too cold or humid outside and it needs a little extra time to settle down the ink into the paper to avoid prompt smudging.

Thanks for reading!

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