Make a Postcard Free

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Discover the Ways on How to Make a Postcard Free Of Faults

Racking your brains on how to make a postcard free of cost? Well, it is possible to manufacture postcards without any trouble.

In today’s age of digital marketing, postcards have reemerged as one of the successful marketing tools. Postcards are practical and the most convenient little tools. In fact, they fulfill multiple purposes. Be it matter of business or anything personal, postcards would always have your back. These are preferred mostly for its affordability and versatile nature. Moreover, you can use them as flyers or handouts at fairs and exhibitions. Regardless of what you seek to print, there are a range of options available to you.

Make a Postcard Free
Make a Postcard Free

Postcards come in handy while promoting events, products or services. As a result, postcards are a darling to organizations, big or small.

Why Use Postcards and How to Design Them

Postcards are the most economical means of advertising and marketing. In fact, cheapest prints of postcards are favored for marketing. You can also use postcards for announcing your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasions. Send out best wishes through postcards. Make a postcard affordably with the following tricks.


Headlines are the most important aspect of your postcard. You must be careful when writing headlines. A headline must essentially be precise and in bold. However, you shouldn’t give out your message in the headline. Chances are that people may throw away your postcards.

Therefore, get creative with your headlines. Make them attention grabbing. Make use of bold fonts and bold colors for your headlines to stand out. Be careful to not give out too much or too little information. Your goal should be to make your customers, potential and present, curious. Avoid the usage of jokes, puns and farce of any kind. It may offend the readers.

Subheadings are important because they add credibility to your text. Remember that people like to read short paragraphs and crisp sentences. To make a postcard free from becoming messy, use subheads. They help in augmenting the readability factor.

Images and Graphics

Images and graphics are integral to postcards. Maintain the balance between images and texts. Too many images and graphics or too much text may ruin your postcards. Always keep in mind that the images should remain in sync with the text. Anything graphic would help in catching the attention of your customers. Thus, include pictures and images wherever applicable.


Always use straightforward and direct messages while designing a postcard. It would help make a postcard free from unnecessary cluttering. Postcards which bear direct messages are valued greatly.


Go ahead and try out pop colors to brighten up your postcards. Why not use a pop pink, or neon blue? Be careful while experimenting with contrasts. You might not want to go overboard with it. Using black and white reduces your cost. Therefore, helps you in getting the cheapest prints. The white space is vital. In fact, it is a major component in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your postcards.


The company logo plays the key role in brand positioning. Do not forget to incorporate the logo in your postcards.

Shapes and Sizes

To separate yourself from the herd, it is absolutely necessary that you generate unique postcards. Boring postcards won’t help you in attaining customers, let alone build a customer base. Explore and experiment with the different finishes and cuts. After all, you need to make your customers value your uniqueness.

Try out die-cuts or round corners. For cheap printing, using both the sides would curtail the cost. Include pictures and text on one side of the postcard. Put the details of your company on the other. As a result, you get to utilize the space properly.

Postcards of smaller sizes, such as 4.25×5.5, can be used to spread messages. They can snugly fit in your pockets. The bigger ones like 5.5×8.5 help in catching people’s attention. Moreover, they can be used to display more information.


Playing around with textures is advisable while designing your own postcards. For acquiring the cheapest prints, use the matte finish. Gloss finishes cost more. It is best for printing photographic postcards.


Proofread your postcards before sending them out for printing. To make a postcard free of error should be your primary concern. Nobody likes to read messages or texts with syntactical or grammatical errors. Errors could prove to be lethal for your status.

Direct mailing your postcards is the smart way to gather customers by particular areas. They are affordable and you can as well track them. Convert your marketing ideas into reality with the cheap prints of direct mail postcards. Postcards help you to gain more number of clientele within a controlled budget. Therefore, follow the given tips and tricks to make postcards and see yourself soar. These cheap printing ways would help you make a postcard inexpensive.