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Tracking Cheap Yellow Postcards and Improving Marketing Efforts

Cheap yellow postcards can be used by businesses in numerous ways in a marketing campaign. However, most companies use them once. Even if they use it multiple times, they simply send the postcards. They do nothing more. That is the wrong approach to use in this kind of marketing campaign. Don’t forget the extras Who doesn’t like freebies?

It is essential for you to know how to use affordable yellow postcards effectively. Only then can they become an essential part of your marketing campaign. Here are some ideas that you can implement.

Start Tracking Postcards

To get the most out of your economical postcards, you must track them. Tracking the response rates is vital to getting the most out of them. By tracking the response rates, you can find out several important details.

You discover which offers are the most impressive to customers. As a result, you can start using similar offers to generate more interest among the audience. In turn, this can increase the bottom line of your business.

It also helps you find out which aspects of the postcard have the greatest effect. With this knowledge, you can start making more effective inexpensive yellow postcards.

How to Track Postcards?

There are different ways to start tracking the response rates of the postcard. However, it ultimately depends on the call to action you have placed. Use a CTA that can be easily tracked. Common actions include calls or website visits. Both of them can be tracked without any difficult.

If you are asking people to call you up, there are a few things you need to set up first. For starters, you should use a different phone number for postcard mailing campaigns. After all, giving customers your regular business number will make it difficult to track the results. A separate number allows you to monitor each call. After all, each call will be the result of the affordable yellow postcards you have sent.

With a website URL, it is a lot easier. After all, you can easily create a unique landing page solely dedicated to the postcard campaign. Each new and repeating visitor can be automatically noted down. This simplifies your efforts considerably.

Track All Details

Make sure that you track all relevant details of the cheap yellow postcards. Apart from the response rates, you must also check the sales generated. Find out how many responses to actual sales. At the same time, note down the value of each sale. The more details you track and monitor, the better it will be in the long run. All of these details will be invaluable for running future marketing campaigns with economical yellow postcards.

Use the Data

Simply tracking the data is not enough. You need to utilize it as well. Therefore, analyze the data collected and generate usable reports. In turn, use the data to inform your next inexpensive yellow postcards campaign. This is especially important when you are testing out postcards.

Run Tests

The only way to discover the most effective cheap yellow postcards is by testing them out. In fact, A/B or split testing is vital. For this kind of test, you need to create two small mailing lists with similar kinds of customers in each. Now, create two versions of your postcard and send one version to one of the mailing list. Track the results of both. The one with the better responses is the postcard you require.

Keep conducting these tests regularly. You can modify a single element such as image to track its effectiveness through these tests. Don’t forget to generate reports to get a detailed idea about the success of each postcard.

Hire the Best Printing Company

To get the best possible results, you need a cheap printer company you can rely on. The company should be good enough to become your partner. After all, you will be printing economical yellow postcards multiple times. The quality of each run should be consistent. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to impress potential customers.