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Does Cheap Postcard Marketing Work

Why and How Does Cheap Postcard Marketing Work?

Does cheap postcard marketing work? Yes, and it works wonders! Postcard marketing has come as a blessing in today’s economic state. It is one of the best marketing tactics that you can embrace. Postcard campaigns have earned immense popularity in the recent times. Be it a small or a big-time organization, everyone is trying out this age-old marketing tactic to gain success. Getting the Best Cheap Printing Deal The purpose of spending money on any venture is to obtain value for money.

Does Cheap Postcard Marketing Work
Does Cheap Postcard Marketing Work


Postcards are as it is cheap, and top of the printing expense is quite trivial. Therefore, postcards, if used properly can turn out to be very profitable. You can use a postcard for business as well as for your personal purposes. Use them to promote your products, events and services. Send out postcards to remind your customers about sales or promotions. A postcard is a great way to increase awareness and spread messages. In fact, with postcards you can target specific customers based on demographics. Thus, you don’t spend unnecessarily on mass mailing.

Send out cheap prints of postcards to gain more customers within a limited budget. Moreover, you can distribute them as handouts and flyers in fairs and exhibitions. This, as a result, would help in promoting your brand.

Direct mail is receiving a lot of attention, lately. Does cheap postcard marketing work with direct mail? Yes, it does. You can go for direct mailing to collect customers by specific regions. After all, they are easy to track as well as affordable. Make use of direct mails over snail mail. With cheap prints of direct mail postcards, transform your advertising ideas in a reality.

Does Cheap Postcard Marketing Work Always?

Postcards, though the most beloved marketing technique of businessmen, are not short of cons. First of all, you don’t get much space to write down your message. Secondly, it may appear to be a piece of junk to people. Thus, they might end up in the trash can. Third, you would be requiring to updates your mailing list frequently. It might get difficult to keep track of results. Also, you need to be patient. You may need to send out postcards multiple numbers of times before you create an impact.

Things You Need to Steer Clear of

While you may think, “How does cheap postcard marketing work?” there are things you must avoid.

  • Beware of making your postcards looking like advertisements. Always remember to add a hint of the personal. Fonts resembling handwriting, fake stick-ons, lines which appear to be imperfect are few of the design ideas you could use to grab attention.
  • Make your customers curious enough to make a move. Do not try to give away everything and close the deal.
  • Do not take your customers for granted. They are well aware of the market. Thus, it would be wise not to make insubstantial offers to them. An interesting offer would incite their curiosity to make you a deal.
  • In this age of cut-throat competition, try to be unique. It will answer the question, “Does inexpensive postcard marketing work?” Generating run-of-the-mill postcards would do you more harm. You need your clients to be able to differentiate you from others. Explore and experiment with the various shapes and sizes, such as, die-cuts and round edges.
  • It might seem to be a good idea to hire agencies for designing your postcards initially. However, you would want to refrain from doing so. The agencies might not be concerned with the businesses you deal with. Therefore, may not be able to gauge the requirements of your clients. Thus, it would be advisable not to rely on them entirely. Include keyword here.

Things You Need to Follow

  • Make your headline interesting and eye-catching. It is the first thing people would notice. Make it short, keep it simple. Do not put puns and jokes of any kind. Use bold colors and bold fonts to make your headline stand out. Do not give out too little or a lot of information. Another important thing is the use of subheads. Subheads make your text readable as they break the text into paragraphs. Use the white space intellectually. It enhances the aesthetic value of your postcard.
  • Get creative with your usage of images and pictures. You can use high quality images in your postcards. But don’t put too much visual in your postcard. It might make them messy. Instead, use pictures wherever relevant.
  • For cheap printing of postcards, you may refrain from the four-color scheme of postcard printing. You can keep the back of your postcards black and white, or bereft of colors. However, experiment with bright colors, such as a pop pink or neon colors. This would make your postcards stand out.
  • Always be straightforward with your messages. Postcards which convey direct messages and information are appreciated.
  • For acquiring the cheapest prints, make use of both the sides of your postcard. You can put images and graphics on one side. The other side may include texts and details of your company. As a result, you make optimum utilization of both the sides. Also, put the company logo. It plays a significant role in brand positioning.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to proofread. After all, any kind of error may prove to be disastrous for your company.


Marketing with postcards is cheap and catches the eye more than you think. They are convenient and would help in the exposure of your company in a lucrative way. You can even customize your postcards with the help of the many online platforms. After all, the cheapest prints of postcards can be attained online.