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Cheap Oversized Postcard Printing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Cheap oversized postcard printing is a robust tool for business promotion. It can serve as reminders for your clients that they have purchases your products. Postcards can lure back old customers and attracting new clients for your business. A powerful inexpensive oversized postcard can be used for informing new customers about business and services. Always look out for reviews and testimonials!

Cheap Oversized Postcard
Cheap Oversized Postcard

Postcards are used for different reasons. However, it is primarily used by businesses for promotional campaign. Irrespective of the reason to print the postcard, here are few basic tips that you need to follow to ensure that it looks professional.

Choosing Black and White Postcard

People think that black and white is an affordable option. Even though it is cheaper, colored postcards garners more attention. Black and white ones are less effective and fail to interest the customers. Colored affordable postcards oversized postcard offer several design options which isn’t possible with the black and white ones.

Making a Sales Pitch

Postcards are used creating brand awareness. By printing inexpensive oversized postcard, you will be able to get through the target audience. Thus, it helps to get an emotional response from the prospective customers. This is difficult to achieve if you plan to make a sales pitch. This can cause the customers to lose interest in your brand.

Using a Boring Image

An engaging headline generates more response from the customers. If you have dull and regular headline then the customers will not take interest. Hence, make it a point to include an engaging and eye-catching headline. Include a striking image and it should be relevant to the postcard’s message. Do not put in a lengthy message. Remember, short and sweet messages can work wonders.

Writing Complicated and Long Messages

The main idea of printing cheap oversized postcard is to reach out to your pre-existing and prospective clients. Postcards help in conveying the message instantly. This means that you have two or three seconds to convey what you have to. Thus, you should try to be clever by using jargons as it makes it difficult for the customer to understand the message. Use short and well-written messages. Use bullets points for the important messages.

Using Low-Quality Materials

People make the common mistake of using low-quality material. Although using cheap quality paper or ink might save you money, it will have a negative effect on the customer. A poor-quality economical oversized postcard will make your company look unprofessional. As a matter of fact, people might also discard the postcard.

Printing Poor or Very High Quality Image

When you print image in the inexpensive oversized postcard, you should use good quality images. Not considering the image quality can give a poor look to the postcard. However, you should also avoid using very high quality image. This is because this will cause you to waste ink and toner unnecessarily. The key is to print ideal quality and size image.

Adding Excessive Space

You might have been wasting money on printing cheap oversized postcard by including excessive space. By doing this, you will have to print more pages. Thus, you should single-space the content. This way you can add more content. You also need to check the margin before sending it for printing.

Not Including Contact Information

When print postcards, make sure that you have included the required contact information. Keep in mind that printing your company’s name is not enough. Check if you have included the fax and the phone number. The physical and the email address also have to be included. The pre-existing and the prospective customer should know that you are available.

Not Embedding the Fonts

While creating a PDF file, you need to embed the fonts. This ways anybody opening the document will be able to view the message properly. Also flatten the documents in layers. This makes it smaller and easier to mail to the customer. Unflattening it will make it large and thus, it becomes undeliverable.

Not Being Personal

Not making the message personal is another significant mistake made by people. They treat is like regular ads and thus, lose the interest of the customers. Adding a personal touch will help in generating more replies.

Not Proofreading

Any typographic error, misspelling, or grammar mistake can have a negative effect on your business. Hence, you should get someone to proofread your message before sending it for printing. If you hire a professional they will be make sure that it is free of any error.

If you are able to avoid the above mentioned cost effective oversized postcards, you will be able to get a substantial return on your investment in the long-run. However, do not forget to hire a reputable and experienced printing company for printing the postcards. Keep in mind not to spend too much on postcard printing. Also, if you plan to do it on your own, you will have to spend a lot on paper and ink.