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Designing Tips For a Cheap Memorial Bookmark

A cheap memorial bookmark is one of the best ways to get the word out of a loved one’s decease. It also makes a very good keepsake to be handed out at celebration of life, funeral memorials or home-going services. The purpose of a funeral or memorial bookmark is to commemorate the life of someone who had been close to you. You can keep these bookmarks with you for as long as you want, to keep reminding yourself of their presence and blessing in your life.

Cheap Memorial Bookmark
Cheap Memorial Bookmark

When it comes to designing a cheap memorial bookmark, make sure they are not very flashy. They are usually slender and long, and have a picture of the dead person. As for the background, you can add some of soothing graphics that goes with the occasion and theme. You can also include a scripture, poem, or even a small biography or obituary about them. Also, you can get it laminated and tie a ribbon to make the affordable memorial bookmark last longer. Funeral bookmarks are easy to make and you can also make them in your home. However, if you want to print them in bulk choose a good printing company.

Here are some beautiful and handy tips to keep in mind while designing a cheap memorial bookmark. Go through the points to know more and make the best out of something to remember your loved ones by.

Get a Good Picture Of The Dead Person

A picture of the deceased on your cheap memorial bookmark is kind of a must. Therefore, make sure to choose a picture that is goo enough. You need to put some careful amount of though and consideration into the selection process. Remember that the picture should be such that everybody would want to keep with them for the longest time possible. Adding a picture is sometimes optional. However, doing so adds more of a personal touch. Along with a picture, you will also need to include some of information about the deceased. Adding their birth and death date is a must for inexpensive cheap bookmark.

Also, try having a memorial clipart in cheap print to add a more personalized touch to the same.

Find a Suitable Design

When it comes to cost-effective memorial bookmark, make sure to keep the design simple. The colors and the theme of the bookmarks should match the theme of the occasion. Remember that you do not want anything flashy. Avoid bright colors and hues, such as red, purple and orange. Instead, go for lighter, pastel shades like blue, green and yellow. As for the back cover, choose a generic, simple design. Landscape,  floral, or religious background cover is the best option for a memorial bookmark.


Provide Information In The Template

The next thing that you need to do is provide information in the cheap memorial bookmark. The cheap prints company is going to add it to the bookmark, therefore making it more valuable. Among the many things that you can add, some of the most important points are as follows:


  • A cover picture along with titles like “In Remembrance” or “In Loving Memory”.
  • Biography info such as birth death dates and name.
  • Information on the back of cheap memorial bookmark. You can add anything you want. It could be somethings about the deceased person, like a short biography, or even a bible verse.
  • Memorial or funeral clipart. These add a more personalized touch to the entire thing.


These are some of the few design tips that you can follow for the best memorial bookmark. These bookmarks spread love and sympathy, along with hope for new life. Make sure that you choose a good printing company in order to get good results. Hold a love one close to your heart forever, with a cheap memorial bookmark.