Cheap Letterhead and Logo Design

Cheap Letterhead and Logo Design

Top Tips for Cheap Letterhead and Logo Design

When you create a cheap letterhead and logo design, you need to keep it concise and professional. Keep in mind that the design is a representation of your brand. Thus, make sure that it is clear to the customers. Moreover, the letterhead defines the first impression of the customers about your business. Which Cheap Printing Service is Best for You? The answer to this question is largely dependent on you and your needs.

In case you are planning on improving the design of the letterhead, you need to make sure that it reflects all the products that you offer. Moreover, you have to ensure that it is in accordance to the other promotional tools such as thank you letters and the business cards. This will help you to show professionalism. In case the documents do not match, it will appear like you are working in a carefree environment. This will reduce the attractiveness of the company.

Cheap Letterhead and Logo Design
Cheap Letterhead and Logo Design

Check out the tips to design a letterhead.


Before you start planning on the design, you need to figure out the information that you want to include in the letterhead. This way you will be able to have the most effective letterhead. An efficacious cheap letterhead and logo design should contain the company logo, name, phone number, and address. Moreover, if your business has a slogan, you should feel free to use this, too. You have to start by sketching the design to ensure that everything that lines up is appealing to the eye.


Keep in mind that affordable letterhead and logo design only take up small portion of the document. Hence, you should not use curly fonts. In fact, you should go for something contemporary. This is because it is easy to read. If you want the company logo to stand out, you need to make sure that it is above all the information. Hence, keep the font size smaller. Experiment with different fonts and proportions. This is to ensure that font complements the logo instead of overpowering it.


In case the company has a branded color scheme, you need to include these colors in the logo. However, you should not use it in the other letterhead or text. The logo is actually the attention grabber. When you plan the low cost letterhead and logo design, you should not change the color of the logo. This is because it will change your brand image. Moreover, it will also create commotion among general public. The other texts need to be neutral in color such as dark gray, black, or navy blue.

White Space and Graphics

The logo is already considered to be the graphic. Hence, you should avoid adding any unnecessary element to the cheap letterhead and logo design. Keep in mind that the white space is the main element in the letterhead. This helps in making it clear. The4 untouched space will enable your brand identity to stand out without causing any kind of distractions. However, remember, white space doesn’t mean all white space. It is simply space which doesn’t have any unnecessary image or text. Thus, the clients and the customers will be able to focus on the company logo.


When you design the inexpensive letterhead and logo design, you have to map out the options when it comes to where you have to place all the elements. A simple layout can have a significant effect on the customers. In fact, this will make the letterhead more readable. If you want, you can break up the design and place this logo in a certain corner and place the additional information in some other corner. When you do this, you will have enough room to play around. Moreover, the text will not overpower the logo when it placed on the opposite side of the document.


You should forget to check the cheap letterhead and logo design before you send it for cheap printing. A misplaced punctuation mark or a spelling error will reduce your company’s credibility. Moreover, you should also include only required information. You can pass the letterhead around your office a few times before you get it cheap printed from a professional.

The cheap printing company you choose for your letterhead also plays a significant role. Hence, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right one.