Cheap Letterhead Address Format

Cheap Letterhead Address Format

What are the Design Essentials of a Cheap Letterhead Address Format?

Cheap letterhead address format is very important for a business. This serves as an extension of your business. It speaks about your professionalism and attention to detail. If you design it poorly then it will leave the customers, colleague, or clients thinking about the legitimacy of the business. If you have a clean and concise design for your cheap print letterhead, it will set you apart from the competitors.

When there is consistency in the layout and design of the letterhead, it simply means that the company establishes a way of branding. Designing the letterhead means, you need to have a basic understanding of the different elements of a cheap letterhead address format. Keep in mind that the letterhead can make or break the company identity. Hence, you should check out the essential design elements of a letterhead.

Cheap Letterhead Address Format
Cheap Letterhead Address Format


The final output of your letterhead is largely dependent on the content. Corporate usually includes the company name, company logo, the contact information, tagline, business slogan, and the address. These serves as the main content of the affordable letterhead address format. These content elements will work wonders in both direct and indirect marketing and sales of a specific company.

Text Font

The font used by the company should define the letterhead text. Keep in mind formal text font will make your letterhead appear professional. Even though informal and playful texts are more noticeable and catchy to people, a formal text will help in creating a positive impression on the clients and customers.

Layout Design

Mostly companies like using a layout design which you can use for all kinds of sales tools. As a matter of fact, some branding templates also has the same design layout in order to create an affordable letterhead address format. Thus, the marketers will something visually consistent to keep in mind. Circulating the documents with the help of a letterhead will help in creating an ideal layout design. This is far more effective than the ones that have a mediocre design.

Corporate Color

If you want a corporate look for your cheap letterhead address format, you need to make sure that the design contains minimal colors. Letterhead might appear too insignificant and thus, people fail to pay attention to it. However, you should know that every aspect of it is important for your business. Adding colors is not exactly necessary. Nonetheless, this will improve the aesthetics of your letterhead. Hence, you have to use the colors of your brand. This will make your appear professional.

If you secure the elements of a low cost letterhead, it will make it easier for you to create the design and layout to cheap print it in your own style. Hence, you will be able to draw the market closer pretty effectively.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Cost effective letterhead address format is absolutely necessary in the business world. If you have to avoid printing a poor letterhead, here are few mistakes that you should not make.

Not Following the Standard

You might think that you not need standard since you are too creative. However, you are wrong. When the elements are correctly positioned and placed, it looks professional. All you need to do is follow the standards. This way you will be able to leave out spaces in the correct places for the recipient, senders, folds, and holds.

Using Detailed Typography

The characteristic of a typical cheap letterhead address format is that the information it contains is easy to read and understand. Thus, for this you need typographic sophistication. For instances, bank codes, phone numbers, and account numbers has to be divided into different sections simply by using spaces.

Using Excessive Colors

The primary purpose of your letterhead is to stand out and convey important information. Hence, you have to keep in mind that making it too colorful will not help you to stand out. Make sure that you limit yourself to the brand colors. You can add just one more color if you want. However, you should not use more than three colors as this is simply unnecessary.

Including Just the Company Name

You should not just include the company name in your cheap printed letterhead. It has to contain some important information. The information that you have to include largely depends on the things like whether the firm is registered. It should contain the company name, logo, address, phone number, and the internet address.

Making All the Pages Same

One thing that you need to avoid is cheap printing all the pages in the same manner. You need to create two letterhead versions. The first page should contain the important information. While, on the other hand, the second page should contain the reduced footer and header. The phone number and the banking address should be cheap printed on the subsequent pages.