Cheap EDDM Letter Requirements

Cheap EDDM Letter Requirements

What are the Benefits of Using Cheap EDDM Letter Requirements?

Cheap EDDM letter requirements were generated by USPS for promoting direct mail. Printing affiliations could offer additional things through changing or visual correspondence associations. This is an effective marketing tool. EDDM helps small businesses and also non-profit organization to this marketing tool at a cheap price. EDDM is a good option to promote your organization or business. As a matter of fact, you have the option to choose particular zip codes and thereafter, drill down to the postal carrier routes. This can be done without purchasing a mailing list.

Cheap EDDM Letter Requirements
Cheap EDDM Letter Requirements

Do You Want to be Unique in the Mail Box?

Cheap EDDM enables you to use special sizes which will help you to create large, unique, and direct mail pieces which will stand out in the mail box. Moreover, this will not break your bank. If you do not have to conform to a specific postal regulation, you will be able to save money on the production cost. You can forget about the regular envelop and make a postal billboard which will generate business. If you want you can get in touch with a cheap printing company who will be able to suggest you the best format for your business.

Do You Require Special Indicia for Creating EDDM?

You do not need special indicia for creating an EDDM. Nonetheless, you will be able to save on the postage cost if you make a partnership with someone who is registered with indicia. In case of a non-profit organization, they will obviously want to use a non-profit indicia rather than EDDM retail. This is because it will offer the best possible rate.

Here are some of the benefits of using affordable EDDM letter requirements for your business.

Low Postage Rates

The most efficacious way to mail something to your customers is through EDDM. In case you are a non-profit organization, you rates can be 50% cheaper. All you have to do is choose the postal routes where you will be delivering the EDDM. In some cheap printing companies if you choose advanced paperwork options, you will be able to obtain cheaper rate on the postage. You can do it on your own but this will only lead to more work. Again, you will also have to pay more money for the postage.

Direct Mail ROI

Direct mail is still a useful marketing tool. Usually the mail boxes are full of mail. However, at the end of the day when you come back from work, there is maple mail. Thus, people tend to engage in things which are manageable and will grab their attention. Hence, if you use direct mail, you will be able to grab the audience’s attention.

Why is EDDM Perfect for Your Business?

Small business can use EDDM effectively for marketing purpose. This is because it offers several benefits.


With EDDM, local marketing has become affordable. This is a cheap and economical option for a small business. The general layout of your brochures and flyers can be internally produced by a company. This way you will be able to save some money. thereafter, you can focus on how to cheap print and deliver the postcards. Moreover, cheap EDDM letter requirements is available at a cheap rate. This is incredibly affordable for a promotional marketing campaign.

No Need of Mailing List

Mostly you are forced to buy a mailing list to reach out to your customers. With low cost EDDM letter requirements, this process becomes simple. The mail carrier will take the message to each and every household. These are along a specific route and you will not need a mailing list. All that you need to do is find out the carrier routes. Moreover, you will also have to decide on the dropping date.

Not Postal Limit

Direct mail will usually involve buying a postal limit which can cost a lot just to open an account. However, if you choose EDDM, a mailing limit within 200-5000 will not require a postal permit. USPS offers a certain EDDM permit which the client can add to the mailer piece. This special permit will make sure that the direct mail is not delivered along with mass mailings. This way you will be able to save time and money.

Reasonable Mailing Size

For EDDM mailer, you need a larger flat. The direct mail piece has to be larger than 5.875×11.5 inches. However, this is not larger than 12×15 inches. This means that cheap EDDM letter requirements offers flexible size range. Thus, you will be able to use it for all purpose. You can target it to meet specific demands in a business.

Ample Space for Business Message

With EDDM, you just need to have a small space for indicia, address, and endorsement. You can include coupons in the rest of the space. You can also include maps or calendars in the remaining space.

Cheap EDDM letter requirements are an affordable marketing form. With EDDM, you will be able to save money on the cheap printing cost. Moreover, if you are local, you do not have to spend money to send mails to distant places.