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Things to Keep in Mind While Enlarging Photos for a Cheap Art Prints On Canvas

Canvas printing has become very popular in recent time. This is a contemporary way of printing photos and hanging it on the wall. It can help in enhancing the look of a room. The photos that you get on a cheap art prints on canvas that have to be of a good quality. Most importantly, it is always good to check and confirm that using the office printer for one or two small prints is okay with your boss.

The photos that you click is enlarged when you print a big canvas. If you want to print your photos on canvas, there are few things that you need to know. Here are five most important things that you should consider before you enlarge your picture for canvas printing. You might also want to be careful about printing confidential documents with the office printer.

Canvas Image Resolution

To obtain a good quality picture, the photos that you click have to be of high resolution. The higher is the resolution of the picture; the better is the quality of it. The resolution of the picture depends on the pixel of the picture which makes up the image. The more pixelated, the better detailed the picture will output. Need to keep in mind that if a picture looks good on the camera screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look good as a cheap canvas photo. The cheap print resolution and screen resolution is two different things. If you are not sure as to the image is good for printing or not, you can get in touch with the printing company and let them check the affordable canvas photo.

Cheap Canvas Image File Size

The file size of the image is also an important factor. When you send the image to the printing company make sure that the file size of the image is a large one. If the image is printed on a A1 size canvas for affordability or above then the file size should be minimum of 1mb. To find out the size of the image then find out the photo and if you hover over it then image size will be displayed. If you are still unable to find it, you have to right click on the mouse button and thereafter click on properties to check the file size.

Design File Enlargement For the Canvas

The pixels that make the photo stretched. The more the pixels are stretched, the more blurry the photo will appear on the low cost canvas. Even the most standard digital camera has 8 mega pixels these days. This means you will not face any problem when you enlarge it to A1 size. The photos  enlarged on an editing software. Enlarged from some other editing software.

Cheap Art Prints On Canvas
Cheap Art Prints On Canvas

When you take the camera into account for printing a cheap canvas art, 5 megapixels is minimum resolution that you need. However, there is not definite requirement. Irrespective of the file size and resolution, you can still obtain good results.

If you are not sure of anything then you should not hesitate to ask about it to the printing company. You can always send in your photo to the cheapest canvas i printing company and ask their designer to confirm the quality of the image.