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What You Need To Know When Marketing With Cheap 4×6 Postcards

Cheap 4×6 postcards are one of the best economical tools available in the market today for marketing purposes. With the entire hullabaloo over digital marketing, many time-tested methods of marketing are getting lost. Advertising through postcards have experienced a renaissance lately. Be watchful with associations whose expenses are not clear and express candid as the unavoidable costs might be through and through higher than you envision.

Cheap 4x6 Postcards
Cheap 4×6 Postcards

Affordable 4×6 postcards are very simple tools which can turn out be profitable when used in a proper way. By merging together the print and web technologies, postcards are sure to lure clients to your website. Here are some tips and tricks on what you should and should not do when marketing with postcards.

Things to Avoid

  • Your economical 4×6 postcards should not look like advertisements. Fake stick-on notes, fonts that resemble handwriting, and lines which look imperfect are a few of the design elements that would attract more attention.
  • Your postcards should incite potential customers to make the next move.  Do not try to close the deal straightaway.
  • You should not rely entirely on technology. Abuse of technology can prove to be disastrous for marketing campaigns. It’s not technology but you who can create postcards and come up with messages for your campaign.
  • Do not make insubstantial offers to your clients. You clients are well aware of the market. Make an interesting offer so that your clients become curious and are driven to make an offer.
  • Run-of-the-mill postcards must be avoided at any cost. There are numerous companies these days that have adopted the marketing technique of advertising through cheap 4×6 postcards. You must be unique enough to grab attention. Make sure that the potential clients are able to distinguish your company from the herd by adding value to your message.
  • Hiring disreputable agencies for designing your inexpensive 4×6 postcards may appear to be a good idea initially, but in the long run it might not seem commendable. These agencies might not be concerned about the kinds of businesses you deal with and hence won’t comprehend the needs of your clients. Therefore, it’s better to not rely entirely on such agencies. Moreover, there are agencies that are mostly concerned with money-making.

Things to Follow

  • Your headline should be eye-catching. Lucidity and simplicity are the two most important things to keep in mind when making the headline. A headline should be two things, lucid and simple. Avoid using puns or farce of any kind. To make your headline striking you need to keep it short and bold. Always remember to incorporate within the postcard multiple ways to contact you.
  • Get creative with your affordable 4×6 postcards printing. Make sure to use high quality images, colors and graphics in them. Having said that, remember to not go overboard with pictures or graphics as they may make the postcards look messy.
  • Remember that you are trying to convey a message through your postcards, so keep them as simple as possible. Don’t give out too information. Also, postcards are a great means for carrying timely messages, such as offers or messages with a deadline.
  • You should be careful with your choice of colors in economical 4×6 postcards. Make sure that the color scheme you use accentuates the headline. A monochromatic color scheme may look as good as a colorful postcard. The white space is a great concept for making your postcard aesthetic and clean. The white space provides a break between images and texts.
  • Your cheap 4×6 postcards should have fewer texts and more images. Nobody is going to read through your advertisement. It’s always wise to add a few catchphrases connoting the product you’re advertising about.

Even though postcards are an affordable way of marketing, they are not foolproof. Postcards do not give you enough space to write down your message. Also, you must have a mailing list that needs maintenance.