Cheap 11x14 Canvas Print

Cheap 11×14 Canvas Print | Canvas Printing

The Pros and Cons of the Cheap 11×14 Canvas Print

Decorate your room with the cheap 11×14 canvas print to enliven your room. An ideal size, it can be placed almost anywhere. You may want to consider the inexpensive 11×14 canvas print because of its durability. Canvas prints are the perfect home décor items due to its practicality. The canvas material is solid and tough. This material is used for making canopies, bags, tents and the likes. Painters prefer canvas for oil painting. However, experience is an invaluable asset to any individual or organization.

Cheap 11x14 Canvas Print
Cheap 11×14 Canvas Print

The printing of images on the canvas fabric is what canvas prints are basically. The cheap printing canvases have gained much popularity, lately. The low-priced 11×14 canvas print would enhance the elegance of your home by a great extent.

Why the inexpensive 11×14 canvas print

The affordable 11×14 canvas print is sure to stand the test of time since they are hard-wearing. One of the reasons why art galleries and museums favor this particular material is for its strength. Thus, the paintings still preserve their fundamental qualities.

Canvas prints retain the artistic value of an image. You can see through the details of an image or picture in canvas prints. This is because canvas prints do not contain high amount of sheen. Use canvas prints to adorn your office as it would impart an arty look to it.

The cheap 11×14 canvas print would give the illusion of a three dimensional painting. The traditional paintings fail to attract on this ground. They are necessarily flat and don’t stand out thus. The cheapest prints of canvases therefore, make even an ordinary image look striking.

Framing is a simple process when it comes to canvas prints. The affordable 11×14 canvas print is easier to frame than an ordinary photograph. Print a photo or image of your choice and then add borders along the margins which act as the frame. Ordinary photographs may require supplementary features in order to be framed. Make sure to use frames that work the best for the place where you’d be keeping them.

Amend and transform the photos or images you want on the print cheap 11×14 canvas print. Edit colored photos or convert them to black and white, anything is possible. For cheapest printing you can go for monochromes.

Want to be quirky? Experiment with the different shapes and sizes of the canvas print. Odd shapes would make great pieces of art.

Shortcomings involved

The canvas is an amazing medium to print images and photos. Nevertheless, there are certain things you need to watch out for. Therefore, be careful of the images you are getting printed. Some may not come out nicely on the canvas. Again, an image may lose its magnificence after being printed on the canvas.

Even though the canvas is durable, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Protection of the cheap 11×14 canvas print is a must. Albeit expensive, laminating these cheap prints is a great option. Lamination would prevent the edges from breaking form the stretching of the fabric. The UV rays may result in the damage of the inexpensive 11×14 canvas print. Laminating it would protect it from the rays.

Apart from that, it would shield the canvas from humid weather conditions. Canvas prints may tend to lose its splendor if kept unclean for a prolonged period of time. It requires proper maintenance. Nonetheless, keep in mind not to leave the surface damp or wet. It would distort the print. Use a soft cloth material, preferably linen, to clean it.

If you want your childhood photos or photos from your wedding day to be framed, go for canvas prints. Canvas prints are light-weight and most importantly, cheap. You can afford to get as many photos printed as you want. Also, canvas prints don’t necessarily need framing.