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Questions You Need to Ask Before Ordering Cheap 10 x 20 Canvas Print

Cheap 10 x 20 canvas print has become quite popular among people in the last few years. On the off chance that you discover one that assigns you a committed client mind rep, all the better.  It used for various purposes. A canvas print becomes even more breathtaking when you cheap print it through professionals. There are numerous cheap printing companies out there in the market. However, it might be a bit difficult for you to select he right printing company for the job. Thus, there are some questions that you need to ask before hiring a printing company. Some of these questions are as follows.

Cheap 10 X 20 Canvas Print
Cheap 10 X 20 Canvas Print

What Kind of Print Do You Offer?

The cheap 10 x 20 canvas print company that you choose should offer supreme quality cotton canvas. In case it doesn’t, you should know that you are dealing with a second grade company and you should steer clear of them. If you want to have excellent pictures on your canvas, you need to make sure that the canvas is made of good quality cotton. When the canvas is made of low and cheap quality materials, it tears off easily. Thus, this renders it useless. It is necessary to make sure that the company that you have chosen uses supreme quality canvas material.

What Kind of Ink Do You Use?

You need to ensure that the cost effective 10 x 20 canvas print company you have chosen uses good quality ink which doesn’t fade. The ink will stay for a longer period. There are some inks which can last as long as 75 years. Thus, the canvas prints appear the same for a lifetime. Thus, it will obtain a timeless feel. If the cheap printing company uses good quality material, it make the canvas print appear spectacular.

Are there are Some Hidden Cost?

You need to be careful when it comes to the hidden charges of the low cost 10 x 20 canvas printcompany. There are some printing companies that offer exceptionally low price. However, they charge you for special effects, protective coating, and stretching bars. These prices can add up and you will end up paying a large sum of money. Thus, it is important to make sure that the printing company doesn’t have any extra cost before you order the canvas prints.

Is Shipping Free?

There are some cheap 10 x 20 canvas print companies that offer free product shipping. However, you might find out later on that they charge you extra in case some conditions aren’t fulfilled. Mostly, the companies offer free shipping when you order above a specific amount. Again, there are some other companies that charge you extra money as packing fee while claiming to offer free shipping. They charge you this money irrespective of the number of prints that you are ordering. The company you choose shouldn’t charge you for handling or packing material.

Do You Offer Money Back Guarantee?

You should know that quality work is actually the hallmark of a good company. A reliable company will offer guarantee when it comes to their work. If the cheap printing company you have chosen is not offering this, you should continue with your search.

Misconceptions Regarding Canvas Printing

There are still many people who are not familiar with the concept of inexpensive 10 x 20 canvas print printing. This can lead to some misconceptions. This can cause them to spend more money while ordering a canvas print. Here are some common misconceptions regarding canvas printing.

  • People believe that canvas prints do not last for long. However, this is not true. If you take proper, canvas prints can last for long period. Make sure that you use good quality material for your canvas. Low quality ink can fade away quickly and make the canvas print look worn out. You should know that a canvas print is more durable than traditional paper print.
  • It is quite easy to transport a canvas print as this need not be framed. Since it doesn’t have a frame, it is lightweight. Thus, it is easier to carry it. Moreover, as it lightweight, it will reduce the possibility of accidents. You can easily transport a canvas before stretching simply by rolling it up.
  • There are people who feel that it takes time to get a Cheap 10 x 20 canvas print. However, this is a problem you face when you hire an unprofessional service. Thus, make sure that you choose a printing company and discuss the due date. Ask about the compensation price if they fail to deliver on the due date.

Misconceptions can arise if you do not do your research properly. When you choose a printing company, take some time out to get to know its background. This way you will be able to get a quality printing company.