Cheap 36×24 Canvas Print

Facts about Cheap 36×24 Canvas Print

Consider the cheap 36×24 canvas print for decorating your home and you won’t regret it for once! Canvas has been around for many decades. Earlier, it was the chosen medium for painting, especially oil painting. Of late, canvas is used to print images and photographs on it. From being used to make tents and bags to being used as a printing medium, canvas is a preferred choice for its durability.

Types of Canvas Wraps

The affordable 36×24 canvas print are stretched around wooden strainer bars to make it stiff. Usually there are three types of canvas wrapping or stretching.

  1. Gallery Wrap:
  2. Museum Wrap:
  3. Standard Wrap:

Why You Should Consider the Inexpensive 36×24 Canvas Print

The cheap 36×24 canvas print is the standard size of the canvas. Cheap prints of canvas are a better option than paintings. Canvas is a very durable material. While paintings might fade away and lose its charm, the affordable 36×24 canvas print would retain its elegance for years to come.

Canvas prints imparts a three dimensional appearance while regular photos have no such feature. Therefore, canvas prints stand out from ordinary photographs. Also, you can easily edit canvas prints as per you liking. You can print a photo or image in monochrome or in vibrant colors, if you want. The cheap black and white print may curtail your cost.

Try to be unique. Tryout the different shapes and sizes. Odd shapes, especially, can make for wonderful pieces of art.

Drawbacks of the Affordable 36×24 Canvas Print

Protecting the cheap 36×24 canvas prints is of utmost importance. Yes, you read that right! In spite of its durable and tough nature, canvas prints need protection from harmful UV rays. Laminating them is commendable as it will help them survive humid weather as well. You would definitely not want your canvas print to lose its sheer brilliance. Therefore, you must clean it occasionally. You would want to clean it with a soft linen material. Nonetheless, a wet and damp surface is likely to destroy the print.

The other shortcoming of the inexpensive 36×24 canvas print is that not all images come out well on canvas. Thus, you need to choose the images wisely.

The materials and textures of canvas is something you need to be aware of.

  • Polyester: For cheap printing of the low-cost 36×24 canvas print, use polyester canvas. This material is also used for large projects because it is affordable. These are generally smoother and slicker in texture than poly/cotton blends and pure cotton canvas.
  • Poly/Cotton blends: Polyester embodies consistency and stability. By blending cotton and polyester together, you gain the advantages of both the fabrics.
  • Cotton: The 100% cotton canvases may vary in texture and weave. Because it varies in color and texture, printers favor this fabric as it gives a unique appearance to every print. The 100% natural fiber absorbs the liquid ink and creates a duplicate of the original image or picture.

Revive your fond childhood memories or reminiscence your wedding day, by printing the photographs on a canvas. You can avail various cheap printing methods while going for canvas printing. Make use of the low-cost 36×24 canvas print to enliven your home.

Cheap Postcard Save The Dates

Why Cheap Postcard Save The Dates?

Consider cheap postcard save the dates, for inviting friends and family on special occasions. Postcard is the cheapest form of spreading messages and sending out good wishes. You can use save the dates postcards to direct the date and place of the occasion or celebration to the recipients.

Postcards are the most versatile tools. It can be used to promote businesses, advertise about products and services, or for your personal usage also. Whether it’s your wedding, the commemoration of your loved ones, birth of your child, birthday parties, and anniversaries of any kind, you can send out the cheap postcard save the dates. Send these cards prior to the RSVP response cards to spread the news.

Advantages and Drawbacks of save the date cards

Sending out save the date cards for your wedding provides your guests with plenty of time to plan for your wedding. You would have a much higher ratio of guests attending the ceremony if you give them the heads-up. Provide the date, time and location of your wedding, or any celebration for that matter. This would help your guests to make the necessary arrangements.

Get creative with the affordable postcard save the dates. You can include nice and pretty pictures, or get creative with your words.

The shortcoming of the affordable postcard save the dates is that you have to invite everybody, whom you have sent save the dates cards, to the wedding. It is advisable not to send out save the date cards if you don’t have a guest list. Consequently, plan your budget, so that you don’t have to cut down on the guest list in order to make up for any unanticipated situation. Therefore, it is wise to send out the cheap postcard save the dates to only your friends and family.

If you have arranged for a destination wedding, you might want to think twice before sending out save the dates cards. Even though, these may be low-cost, the save the date cards may turn out to be an added expense. The inexpensive postcard save the dates is not obligatory to send out. You may skip it if you’re on a tight budget.

Electronic Save the date Cards

Save the date cards can be of two types. There are the traditional ones which you send out via post or mail, and the electronic save the date cards.

However, there are certain etiquettes that you need to follow while e-mailing save the date cards. One of the perks of sending out electronic save the date cards is its immediate delivery. It is the easier way because you probably have the email addresses of all you’re the guests you’re inviting.

You may save money if you place your wedding invitations, both save the date cards and the invites, together. But, with electronic save the date cards, you don’t have to worry about that.

Nonetheless, there are certain shortcomings of the electronic cheap postcard save the dates. It is mostly likely that older people would prefer the traditional way. Furthermore, the emails might end up in the spam folder, or even remain unchecked.

You can choose from a range of online save the date card options. There are floral themes, watercolor themes, wildflower themes, cityscape themes, contemporary black and white theme, and many more.

Nevertheless, you can personalize and customize your save the date cards with your own pictures. The personalized inexpensive postcard save the date would have a personal feel to it. It is always judicious to evaluate the pros and cons of sending out the low-cost postcard save the dates.

Cheap Direct Mail Postcard Template

Why Cheap Direct Mail Postcard Template?

Advertising with cheap direct mail postcards is the most economical method of marketing. You mail your customers directly and they can check them anywhere, anytime. Cheap direct mail postcard templates can be used to make the postcards attractive as well as interesting. One of the principal tools of marketing is the direct mail service. You can use this service to reach your potential customers apart from the regular ones. Whether you want to announce the ensuing events or increase sales, you can turn to direct mailing services any day. It would also help you to follow up with your customers.

Utilize the cheapest prints of postcards to promote your business or announce your wedding day. It is the most versatile instrument to spread messages. With the advent of technology, customizing a postcard has become a piece of cake. Many websites would provide you with a range of cheap direct mail postcard templates to select from.

How to Print Cheap Postcards

The cheapest prints of postcards are possible by following these few simple ways.

There is no dearth of affordable direct mail postcard template printers nowadays. In fact, with postcards rising as one of the cheapest forms of advertising technique, many printers have started taking advantage of it. Therefore, you might want to be watchful of the branded and non-branded printers. Many are in the business for money-making and won’t be considerate of your wishes. Thus, it is advisable that you look out for experienced printers to yield the best results. Non-branded printers might are highly likely to provide you with incredible offers and deals. Branded printers would probably want to sustain their own promotional expenses and charge you a humongous amount.

Cheap prints of postcards are possibel through bulk ordering. By ordering in bulk you would avail discounts and offers which are not provided otherwise.

You could use materials with no coatings for cheap printing of postcards. In fact, deciding on the color scheme would also help you curtail the cost. The four-color inexpensive direct mail postcard template is the preferred choice of the printers. If you want to be economical, you may want to give it a miss. It is better to keep the back of the postcard black and white while on a tight budget. However, you would not want to compromise on the quality of the postcard. Therefore, avoid using the cheapest materials. You must know how to strike a balance between the quality and the budget of your postcards.

Smart Investment

Availing online printing services is the smart way to invest while on a low budget. Online printers offer you certain stock templates you can choose from. The inexpensive direct mail postcard templates require you to fill in the necessary details and edit them accordingly.

One of the cheapest ways to send out cheap direct mail postcard template is the cost-effective method of direct mailing. The only added expense involved is the cost of the stamps. Thus, if you could find printing companies who provide mailing services, it would curb the expenses by a great extent.

Postcard Template Formats

  • The Personal Letter: This format is different from the other postcards that probably end up in the trash. It has a personal touch to it which makes people go through it. Most organizations use postcards with the direct agenda of selling their products. This is where you might be going wrong. This low-cost direct mail postcard template format makes your customers feel special. They get the impression that you took out time to write down a letter just for them.
  • The Final Notice: If you want to impart a sense of urgency in your customers, go for this format. This is more likely to grab their attention.
  • The Double-Sided Appeal: Put a huge, bold headline, delineate an advantage and include contact details on one side. Incorporate the personal message on the other side. This one is sure to catch attention. It imparts a sense of privacy as well as speaks of business.

With cheap postcard printing hacks and eye-catching templates, be sure to climb the steps to success in no time.

Cheap Postcard Stock for Printing

Advertising with Cheap Postcard Stock for Printing

Increase your sales by opting for the marketing technique of cheap postcard stock for printing. One of the most versatile forms of advertisement, postcards is cheap and has the ability to achieve fast turnarounds. Direct mail services can be used to gain potential customers and reach out to your current ones. Direct mailing of postcards is popular since they are faster to produce and cheaper to send through mails.

There are a good many ways to print cheap postcards. Cheap printing of postcards is preferred because you don’t need to invest a huge sum of money for marketing. Using cost-effective postcard stock for printing is one of the ways. However, you may want to spend a few bucks in order to make your postcards worthy of your customers’ attention. It would be difficult for you to fail a postcard operation if you have a mailing list, an incredible offer and a solid call to action.

Postcard Stocks

Paper stock becomes a chief reason for the achievement of direct-mail postcard campaigning services. For cheap printing of postcards you may use affordable postcard stock for printing like paper with fewer coatings. However, remember that cheap paper might end up making your business look cheap. Your customers, potential and current, would judge your business by glancing at your postcards. As a result, you must make postcards which feel smooth, supple and solid, as opposed to rough and fragile, in the hands of your customers.

Many companies believe postcard printing to be costly. As a result, they try printing postcards on a desktop printer, which turns out to be costlier. In fact, grubby inks and flimsy papers might be a problem while printing postcards on a desktop printer. This would make the postcards look and feel poor, thereby, making you lose customers. Professional printers would cost less than printing on a desktop printer. After all, they make use of inexpensive postcard stock for printing.

How to Market with Postcards

Wondering how to drive customers to your website? Send them postcards. After all, it is the easiest hack to channel people to your site and increase your sales thereby. But, how do you do that?

Headings and Subheadings

Always keep in mind what you’re advertising about. Headlines are very important. They should be precise and in bold. If you don’t want people to throw your postcard along with others to the trash, make them stand out. Giving out too much or too little information would spoil the headline. Therefore, stay away from puns and jokes of any kind. Using subheadings is always encouraged. Subheadings help increase the readability quotient by breaking down the text.


Using colorful images, graphics and designs is another cheap postcard stock for printing. After all, pictures and photos engage people more than texts. Moreover, keep the images in sync with the texts.


Explore and experiment with vibrant colors. This would make you stand out from the other companies. The use of bright pink or neon colors would make you unique. If you’re going for contrasts make sure you don’t go overboard with it. White space, if utilized properly, can increase the aesthetic value of your postcard.


One of the cheap postcard stocks for printing is templates. You can opt for templates which have a personal touch to them. It would make your customers feel special and would make them value you more. You can even make user of both sides of the postcard. On one side put the big and the boldest of headlines along with your contact details. Put colorful pictures on the other side.


Every company has a logo with differentiates it from the others. You must never forget to include the logo of your company in the postcard. After all, it is important for brand positioning.

Shapes and Sizes

You can experiment with the different shapes and sizes that the postcard printing companies offer. Make use of the die-cuts and the rounded edges to separate you from the herd.


Proofread the texts on the postcard before printing them. In fact, it is absolutely vital. After all, errors of any kind may prove disastrous for the reputation of your company.

Keep in mind each of the cheap postcard stock for printing would help in the marketing of your organization.

How to Make Your Own Postcard Cheap

Tips on How to Make Your Own Postcard Cheap

Wondering how to make your own postcard cheap? Don’t fret much. There are numerous ways of cheap printing of postcards. Postcard advertising is the most economical method of marketing. With the advent of digital marketing, other forms of marketing have taken a backseat. Even so, postcards have experienced resurgence in the advertising and marketing division. Companies, small and big, are adopting this method of marketing for increasing their sales and attract potential customers.

How to Make Postcards Unique

To make your postcard campaign a success, you need to be one-of-a-kind. You shouldn’t just concentrate on how to make your own postcard cheap. You can, in fact, spend a few bucks to make them eye-catching. Try using bright and pop colors. These will help you to stand out among other companies. By utilizing the white space judiciously, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your postcards. Make your headlines bold and outstanding. Too much or too little of information may ruin it for you. Be diplomatic in choosing the words. A concise but startling message would make your customers, potential and present, curious to know more.

Design Your Own Cheap Postcards

Cheap printing of postcards is the most feasible if you are designing postcards online. There are many perks of designing postcards online. You get to choose the templates, fill in the details, edit them and you are good to go. Personalization of postcards along with fast service is the non-negotiable advantage of going online. Also, by mass ordering postcards you could get amazing offers and deals. Therefore, it will help in reducing your expenses by an enormous amount.

Use inexpensive printing materials if you want to know how to make your own postcard affordably. However, keep in mind not to compromise on the quality of your postcards by using the cheapest materials. You can use materials with fewer coatings.

There may be printers who would want to take unnecessary advantage of your goodwill. Avoid such printers who don’t put your needs and requirements before their own. Go for printing companies with experience for yielding the best outcome. Experienced professionals would be considerate of your necessities and charge you a decent amount.

For the cheapest printing of postcards you can reject the four-color postcard printing scheme on both sides of the postcard. For cheap printing, opting for the black and white scheme on the other side is a wise decision. Keeping the back of your postcard devoid of color is another way of curbing the cost if you are still speculating on how to make your own postcard affordable.

Postcard mailing services which are cheap is another clever way of redeeming money. The only added expense would be the cost of stamps, in case you need them. Thus, it is logical to opt for a printing company that offers mailing services. This is another way of how to make your own postcard cheap.

Benefits of Postcards

Postcards can be utilized in test-marketing before considering it as a full-scale marketing tactic. Postcards take very less time to be processed and produced. Therefore, you can get information to your customers in no time. These are smart little tools which grab people’s attention more than regular mails. You can send out postcards to your target customers, thereby, achieve maximum clientele within limited budget. With the influx of new technological means, it has become a cakewalk to design and print postcards online. Postcards are the most flexible. You can use them both for personal as well as business purposes. These are the most cost-effective tools for attaining fast turnarounds.

These entire cheap postcard printing hacks must have given you a fair idea on how to make your own postcard low-cost. Employ these tips and tricks and see yourself succeed.

Cheap Black and White Canvas Print

Enliven Your Room with Cheap Black and White Canvas Print

The material of a cheap black and white canvas print is a fabric, immensely sturdy and durable. This material is used for making bags, tents, canopies, tents, sails, etc. Canvas is the preferred medium for oil painting. It replaced wooden panels. The preferred choice of many for decorating the walls of their homes, canvas prints have become increasingly popular, of late. Canvas prints make your room look lively. People are even experimenting with blank canvases nowadays. It is a good idea to use a small canvas in a relatively small room and a big canvas in a relatively bigger room. They complement the room, accordingly.

Popularity of Canvas Prints

One of the economic ways of decorating your room with canvas is to opt for cheap black and white canvas print. Black and white photographs elicit general fondness because of the aesthetic value it carries. Because of its cost-effectiveness, canvas prints has emerged as one of the popular methods of printing. Its popularity is due to its light-weight and the freedom to choose its size. Also, you don’t necessarily need to frame a canvas.

Advantages of Canvas Prints

You can now dangle the beloved moments of your personal life on your walls without having to worry about the expenses, thanks to thanks to a cheap black and white canvas print. Canvas being long-lasting, you can preserve your memories for a lifetime. Moreover, printing photos on canvases imparts an artistic feel to it. You could use canvas prints to decorate your office as it bestows a professional look. They lack luster, thereby allowing you to focus on the details.

Canvas prints are defined by their durability and strength. This is the reason why canvas prints are favored by museums and art galleries. A canvas print can survive over the years without losing its prime.

An affordable black and white canvas print adds adds to the credibility of canvas prints. Photo paper fails to congregate the look and feel of canvas prints. Traditional or a regular photograph can’t stand out when compared to canvas prints because they are primarily flat. Canvas prints gives a three-dimensional appearance. As a result, even ordinary photographs become eye-catching.

Facts to Know

It is easy to frame a photograph on canvas if you are going for one. After printing the photo or image on the canvas, generally you will include a border in the margins to act as a frame. Regular photographs may require additional features for framing.

Canvas prints are easy to edit. You can edit photographs or images are per your liking. Convert colored photos to affordable black and white canvas prints, or print them in a warm shade, anything is possible.

If you want to be economic you can opt for low-cost black and white canvas prints.

You can explore the different shapes and sizes of canvas prints. Whether cheap black and white canvas prints, or the regular colored ones, you can experiment with all of them. Odd shapes and sizes of canvases make for out-of-the-box pieces of art.

Disadvantages of Canvas Prints

Even though the pros of canvas prints dwarfs the cons of it, there are certain things you need to watch out for.

You must watch what pictures you choose to be printed on canvas. Not all images come out nice on the canvas. It is possible for the picture to lose its edge after it’s printed on the canvas.

Even though it is long lasting, canvas prints do need protection. Laminating the canvas is a good option, albeit being costly. It keeps the edges from breaking, when and if stretched. Lamination also helps protect the canvas from the harmful UV rays. Besides, laminating a canvas print will shield it from humid weather. Canvas prints might lose its magnificence if not cleaned from time to time. However, note that a wet and damp canvas is liable to distort the image. You can as well opt for a fine linen cloth to clean it.

Cheap Postcard Direct Mail Services

Relevance of Cheap Postcard Direct Mail Services Today

The expanding growth of cheap postcard direct mail services is due to its affordably. Postcards are known for its ability to send personal messages, advertisements, invitations etc. They are used by almost every segment of population.  The demand is partly because of its portability and partly its relative affordability. They can be used as business cards and mini information cards.

Cheap Postcard Direct Mail Services
Cheap Postcard Direct Mail Services

The size, designs, layouts, materials vary according to the usefulness. The distribution always depends on the budget planned for them. In other words, there is vast range of choices from which one can choose.

Cheap Postcard direct mail services are useful mainly for advertising in bulk, or at times for invitations. There are many companies offering these services. Direct mail is relatively a cheaper option and convenient.

Direct mail services are generally a careful marketing strategy. After all, they are easy to store by the readers. Direct mail ensures the highest readership and a quality use of time. Many printing services offer a variety of discounts while mailing a large number of postcards.

Advantages of Postcard Direct Mail Services

Invest in affordable postcard direct mail services. As a result, it is important to know the advantages of these services. One can make a strategic plan of the growth of his/her brand or company by knowing the purposes of direct mailing.


Your messages will be instantly available with the help of these inexpensive postcard direct mail services. People can benefit from these postcards as many times as they wish. Therefore, using postcards is certainly beneficial.


It is the most frugal way to take care of advertising expenditure. Advertising for your product requires a careful operation. It could get expensive in order to reach out to a vast number of people, of country status, class etc. Cheap postcard direct mail service will prevent the expense on revenue stamps and postal charges. Internet is possibly the best way to secure a strong link with them. Your mailing the postcards will reach to the maximum of them. At the same time with easy accessibility.

Steady Communication

Direct mail services will ensure your paid postcards are not getting lost en route. Furthermore, it also reduces the chances of their getting lost.

Schedule Them

E-mail provides you the option of scheduled messages. You can send the postcards according to the needs and requirements of the customers. The recipients can even forward your postcards to their friends.


Try to use the internet while investing in your cost effective postcards direct mail services. They offer pre-designed templates for every type of postcards, sold postcard samples, finishing services etc. Also keep in mind to look up at the customer reviews and opinions to get the best out of these services. Choose the appropriate size to keep it a bit less expensive.

Know Your Readers

Before venturing make sure you know the needs and preferences of your clients or the readers of postcards. Design your postcards according to the product it is selling. Or perhaps the message they are conveying. Your postcards at the very first look should give a fair amount of idea about their purpose. Before mailing them make sure it has your company logo or the other key information. Keep it catchy. Avoid loading them with too many details.

Postcards are pretty cool and available in various sizes. These points are more or less useful while planning to opt for budget friendly postcards direct mail services

Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing

Significance of Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing Today

Cheap double sided postcard printing ensures that they are informative. Double sided postcards ensure the balance of entertainment and information. It makes sure the postcards are not getting loaded or boring with just words. Furthermore, double sided postcards have high readability. After all, they tend to be more attractive while being newsy at the same time. The finishing ranges from velvet with UV spot to un-coated linen, gloss UV coated etc.

Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing
Cheap Double Sided Postcard Printing

Double sided postcards are usable for a wide variety of purposes after all. Some examples include advertisement, writing letters, as tokens, or as business cards. Moreover, you will find them in the real estate sector, heath, education etc.

They can be in glossy or matte finish depending on the budget. In the marketing world, you get faster market research with postcards. They provide with more space and scope to place your ideas.

With double sided postcards you exercise the choice of their sizes. You can keep it both pretty cheap as well as useful by a strategic planning of their execution. Printing on both the sides may increase its cost but it can certainly be effective while marketing with them.

Advantages of Double Sided Postcards

This is the perfect opportunity to be creative. Advertisement can get a bit boring with repetitiveness. After all the information remains more or less the exact. But with double sided postcards you ensure their chances of getting noticed. Use the front side for drawing or illustration giving a zest of the postcard. The flip side could be kept for information and other details.

Moreover, go for attractive fonts, that is to say, attention seeking fonts. Keep the message detailed and compressed. Make your headline interesting. The front page plays the major role for grabbing attention. Go for online templates or ideas or hire a creative person. Use bright colors and even before that, know your readers.

For personal purposes, the postcards are often kept as tokens of memorable days/occasions. Furnish them with good quality photos to do them justice. There are custom recycled printed papers, card-stocks which minimize your expenditure. Take ideas from online templates and layouts.

Keep your mailing list assorted for better results. Target your potential customers and send them discounts on their special months, dates via your mailed postcards.

The Material

Planning for cheap double sided postcard printing? Re-consider the quality of your material. While matte finish can prove expensive, simple gloss finish in card-stock can be less costly. In fact, gloss finish is naturally very friendly for images or photographs. Matte postcards are generally for personal use like for writing purposes. Matte with spot UV option is again very pricey. Fonts look great on these matte finished postcards though.

The Size

For affordable double sided postcard printing, the size matters. Opt for standard sized postcards and try keeping it short yet adequately detailed. After all, bigger postcards can prove expensive while printing them in bulk. Make the color combination coordinate.

Printing Prices

Check online for a reduced price for your cost effective double sided postcard printing. Do not just limit yourself to the offline shops. Check for discounts on shipping rates and delivery options. Keep the sizes at standard rate. This will eventually affect the end price of your cheap double sided postcard printing. The packaging should be of good quality so that it does not damage your postcards.

Circulate your postcards now more effectively with pocket friendly double sided postcard printing. Of course, check out the samples if necessary. In this way, strengthen your messages. Postcards can be your best advertising tool ever if planned wisely.

Cheap Color Postcard Printing

Why is Cheap Color Postcard Printing Popular?

Fortunately cheap color postcard printing is a budget friendly marketing strategy. They are actually instrumental in creating your brand image. It is especially useful for people who are planning for a low priced yet effective way to achieve success via postcard marketing.

Cheap Color Postcard Printing
Cheap Color Postcard Printing

Postcards have come a long way in terms of size, colors and other rules. Postcards are now purchased by people to store them as souvenirs. There is a growth of the various postcard printing companies offering services like designing, printing, distributing etc.

They have a palate of colors to take your pick from. This ranges from pop colors, to vibrant colors, dull, light, somber etc. Since postcards serve a variety of purposes. The designs, templates and paper quality are important factors for cheap color postcard printing. Moreover, the paper quality and the finishing decide the finish of the final product.

For color postcard, gloss and silk coated paper are the best options. Lamination is further very useful to enhance the bounce of the colors. Moreover, postcards are also used as greeting cards. Luxury papers are suitable for these postcards. They add vibrancy to the colors. Fabric postcards are heaven for graphic designers to play with colors.

Advantages of Color Postcard Printing

A color postcard is preferable any day over dull ones. Your postcards should give a fair idea of what it is about at the first look. They should not riddle the readers. Keep it simple and leave some free space. Here are some points to remember while planning inexpensive color postcard printing.


For advertising postcards, colors are actually helpful in generating readership. In fact, colored postcards get noticed more often. Company logos are best portrayed by the usage of colors. The color scheme must be well coordinated. More importantly, it should sync with the background color of the postcards.


The proper usage of your inexpensive color postcard printing is important. It can make the text compelling and the fonts attractive. If you have a lot of information to convey, use a consistent color. This will prevent your postcard from becoming a boring read.


There are indeed many ways to go economical with your postcards. While choosing the color, make the right decision with the paper quality of your postcard. Therefore, choose the material according to your needs. By far, gloss finish is the best and affordable when it comes to advertising postcards. Opt for direct mail services after having your cheap color postcard printing. This will go easy on your budget actually.


Without you clients or acquaintances reading the postcards, they become useless. The proper combination of colors will ensure a higher readability. Do not use light colors for your fonts. In other word, this can hamper the reading. Strive for balance and contrast.

Mail Them

Mailing the postcards is necessary a step while planning for inexpensive color postcard printing. Instead of posting them, mail in bulk. This will also be easier to keep a track of your postcards and their readership. The color will make your mail worth a reading.

Decide on the style and pattern of your postcards before choosing a color scheme. Since postcards come without an envelope, the rate of people noticing the art is even higher. Postcard is the smallest and most viable mode of marketing. Take professional assistance if you must while going for postcards. Ensure that your postcards have a distinct tone before you send them.

Cheap 5×7 Postcard Template

Why Choose Cheap 5×7 Postcard Template?

A cheap 5×7 postcard template is famous for its versatility. They have the reputation of going with each and every occasion. Online templates assist interested people to make their own customized templates for postcards. These designs again depend on the needs and purposes of these postcards. There are unique designs and style depending on the type of postcards. Afterwards the finishing of the postcards decides the final appearance of these templates.

Cheap 5x7 Postcard Template
Cheap 5×7 Postcard Template

A boom in the market of printing postcards is due to their growing demand. In order to catch up there are many online templates both free and pricey. It mostly blossomed in the 1800s and the early 1900s. There are advertising postcards, Christmas postcards, save the dates, holiday postcards etc. The thickness and size differ with budget.

4X6 is the standard size of postcards. Besides this, 10×7, which folds into 5×7, is another popular choice. Whenever you are choosing a larger size you are paying for an extra bit more.

Personalized Postcard Templates

There is an array of customized inexpensive 5×7 postcard templates online. These postcard templates are the handiwork of creative professionals. Interestingly, the templates are industry specific, assorted by theme color moods and more.

There are different kinds of postcards like EEDM postcards, ultra postcards, mailing postcards and offset postcards. Different marketing postcards consist of different postcard templates.

Graphic artists have now replaced the previous monotonous two colored templates with graphic designs. Therefore, there is a demand for creative yet expensive 5×7 postcard templates. Consequently, this has resulted in the boom of websites offering pre-designed postcard templates and ideas.

Sort It Out!

To get your hands on the inexpensive 5×7 postcard templates, first sort out your requirements. After all, there are different kinds of templates for different occasions. For example wedding postcard template, holiday, save the dates and advertising etc. The templates are arranged according to the occasion. Therefore, avoid jumbling up the templates


In addition to these, a well-furnished postcard has more chances of getting noticed. Why because it has the ability to convey the nature, message and the idea behind the postcard. Avoid making it congested with unnecessary designs and information. Choose a template that contains almost all the vital details. Make your postcard templates a delight for the eyes.

Make Your Own Template

One of the finest ways to have affordable 5×7 postcard templates is to make them yourself from Microsoft Word Template. This will help you to add a pinch of personal taste. Check online the free samples of other 5×7 postcard templates. Lastly, choose the right color schemes depending on the occasion or the product you’re endorsing. For example, beauty products are different from real holiday postcards.

The Fonts

The fonts have to be in accord with your cheap 5×7 postcard template. The fonts can add sparkle to your postcards and make it even more interesting. Choose your fonts according to your needs and requirements. Target your readers and their age group to make your postcard impressive.


There are a number of sites which offer you to access their pre-designed free templates once you sign up. In fact, this is a smart way to get cost effective 5×7 postcard template. You can even take your pick from categorically assembled template designs.

Your postcards have the ability to mold themselves according to your desire. There are plenty of ways to make your cheap 5×7 postcard template work out. A proper approach will help you gain the most through them. From business deals to the date and place of occasion, your templates can communicate them all.