How to Prepare Images For Large Format Printing

Prepare Images For Large Format Printing

A vast difference is involved in the preparation of images. Consider what printing method (digital or offset) and how big the final print out should be. These are 3 crucial details to take into consideration at the time of preparing a beautiful art. You should know how to go about it, preferably before you get started to avoid working twice. We will go thru on how to set up a large format printing design from the beginning. But first, let’s clarify some basic concepts.



What is Considered Large Format in Printing Industry Words?

By saying large format, we don’t mean a significant amount of printing material as if you order 5,000 business cards. 5000 Cards is definitely a large order, and a lot of paper and ink will be utilized to accomplish it. The excellent format printing technique is not intended for this sort of printing orders, instead. When we refer to the term “Large Format Printing,” we refer to the following printing products:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Signage/yard signs
  • Building/Vehicle Wraps
  • Window Signs
  • Static or LoTac
  • Wall Coverings

Large Format Printing mainly refers to any sort of printing that could be looked at from about a meter of distance and further on. If you cant read it form a meter of length, then this might not be a large format printed material.



Which is the Most Popular Large Format Printed Product?

We asked a few printers, and they all agreed that cheap Posters printing is among the most popular large format products sold daily. We will add a top to button list on the popularity of these products in regards to the information provided by the printers. In the first place, we find the posters, 2nd place the yard signs, 3rd windows signs, 4th vehicle wrapping, 5th wall covering, 6th vinyl banners.

Main Design Tips for Preparing a Large Format Design for Printing

When you are getting ready to design a large format design to print it later. We recommend you contact the printer who is going to be writing the large-format plan to request the information on their specific requirement for that project. Conditions for large format design varies for every type of large format printing product like the vinyl banners. This product carries wholes in the corners and the yard signs that are just flat design. Also, depending on the quantity, you are planning to order, and how many colors the design carries, you might be using CMYK or RGB color formats.

Printing Companies RGB-CMYK-55printing

Design Resolution for Cheap Large Format Printing

There is a huge difference in printing a small marketing material with a lot of little details and printing a large format piece of marketing material that should be looked at from a certain distance. The resolution for printing a business cards, flyer, postcard or even a brochure which is considerably larger than the previous ones, is always recommended to 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), that means that a big amount of dots has to fit a Square Inch, a good printing machine has to be used to print with that quality. For sings, that level of detail is not necessary as nobody will ever have to close up that much to appreciate little details within a sign, banner or car promotional wrap, so 72 DPI (Dots Per Inch) is used as the standard resolution for the signs.

Which is Cheaper, The Color Process VS Digital Large Format Printing?

It will always depend on how many repetitions of the sign is needed and how big it is. For example, if you are planning on getting 100 units of yard signs with a simple 2 color design layout. Then this job is going to result a lot cheaper to print than if you use a digital large format printing machine to do it. On the other hand, if you only need 1 single but huge vinyl banner, preparing a color process plates for a single unit would be a waste of money and effort. You should be going cheaper with the digital large format printers in this case.

– 1 or 2 Colors Design Preparation for Large Format Printing For Cheap

Many huge signs are elementary form and just use a few colors to avoid the use of a digital printing machine. These digital prints are costly and can cost hundreds of thousands to buy and then cost thousands to operate and maintain. So the old-school color transfer plates come into action when your design fits this requirement, saving you a lot of money. The design could be built in CMYK or RGB. Just make sure to use different layers for each color as they will later get separated to perforate the color process plates. For the final file, remember to carry only 1 design layer per color at 72 DPI of resolution as we already explained before.



– Full-Color Design Preparation for Large Format Printing

For the full-color printing process, it comes out a lot easier as there is no need to separate colors in layers. No need to use the famous CMYK that dulls the colors on your screen. This time you can use the beautiful looking RGB color format. And the resolution could be set to anywhere over 72 DPI to guarantee a good (from a distance) quality.




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How Did The Cheap Printing Press Changed the World

Cheap Printing Press Changed the World

By the year 1,500, there were already millions of pages printed in recently created printing presses all around Europe. That being said, printing presses are no news anymore, they have been providing affordable marketing materials and printed tools for over 600 years so far.

Before the printing press was invented, another not so effective and slow procedures were used to get ink into paper, cloth and all other types of displays for marketing. purposes. A lot of rubbing was required to complete an ink transfer back then, so when the printing press was created, it spread the voice really fast all over the world and became one of the most powerful events during the second millennium.

Thanks to the Printing Press invention and application thru entire Western Europe, a massive new communication era was born and since then, only the born of the Internet have had a similar impact.



How Practical are the Printing Presses?

It is known that printing presses will cut it off a lot cheaper for you when a huge amount of marketing material is going to be needed. For small runs, cheap color copies are always the best bet and they are available anywhere near you. For bigger runs, you will need a bigger machine that actually prints cheaper and faster, it is called the color process printing press.

Printing Press Benefits

If you are in need of a huge amount of printing capabilities, the printing press is the right choice as it uses a 4 color process system that won’t waste a single drop of ink you buy. The setup of the machine is expensive and takes time to get it ready for a printing run, but at the end, if you print a lot, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

A good example, local printers might need a printing press machine to run business cards orders of over 500 units, brochure orders over 100 or 250 units, postcards orders for over 1000 units; anything less than that it would be more convenient to just use a local color copy machine and save the printing press setup hassle.

If you get a big (5,000+) brochure, magazine or booklet order in your printing store, you will be forced to use the offset printing machine for the only fact that competence is too tight on pricing for these popular products and popular quantities. Everybody know that 5,000 Brochures on 8.5″x11″ cost less than $299 on any online printing site that uses offset printing machinery. Trying to sell these 5,000 brochures for maybe $1,500 done in a color copier, will get you out of the business in no time.

Printing Press Down Sides

  • Setup Time: is the biggest concern for offset printing, as you need to prepare a print plate for each of the 4 process colors and then adjust them into the machine for printing, run a few samples (waste of paper, ink, time) to adjust final alignment touches for the printing plates and only then, you can start printing. Comparing the setup time of an offset machine with a color copier machine is out of the contest, we all know color copier machines warm up in less than 15 seconds and they are ready to burn toner into the paper.
  • Setup Cost: Offset color printing plates are no cheap, most of them are not re-usable, customer like to change their information for every project they print, so no way to re-use a printing plate that has already been perforated. The machine that perforates the plates is also a bit expensive but necessary, add this cost up to the whole process. Cleaning an offset machine takes time and a lot of care, not everyone will do it correctly the first few times, it requires practice.
  • Employee Wages: When hiring an offset machinery operator, you will notice that these are not your entry-level salary guys. There must be some sort of college degree involved and sometimes previous experience running these machines. Salaries go all the way to the roof just for having 1 guy that will know how to operate an offset machine at your shop. If you hire 1 offset expert, you will only be able to run printing during that employee operative hours, no earlier, no later. With any cheap color copy machine, even your dog can print a job with covered eyes anytime during the day.

Modern Days for the Printing Press

With the surge of the Internet, the worldwide printed newspaper industry has been declining and people are not reading the news on a printed paper anymore.

On the graph seen on the left, we can appreciate the mass decline seen from 1085 to 2017 for paid circulation of the daily newspaper within the United States of America. This is not anything new, we were all expecting the newspaper to disappear completely for many reasons as we will disclose shortly.

  • Expensive to produce compare to online published news.
  • Hard to spread and hand out (harder every day).
  • Limited reach
  • Losing popularity
  • Less and limited sponsorship
  • Outdated news within the content
  • Impossible to update printed content
  • Many more…

Believe it or not, the internet published news, solves all these issues at once. People resist being seen reading a newspaper just for the fact that they look outdated and wasting their time with old printed news.


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modern-mitsubitshi-printing press

modern-Mitsubishi-printing press

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How to Correctly Arrange Pages for Booklet Printing Project


Arrange Pages for Online Booklet Printing Services

There are many different methods of building a booklet project and many ways to arrange pages depending on what the final product should look like. If you are a beginner and need basic information on how to build a booklet project file for printing, this is the perfect guide for you.

Here we will learn what are “Reader Spreads”, “Printer Spreads”, How to arrange pages for Saddle Stitched booklets and many more.


What Exactly is Reader Spreads?

On a booklet, organized as for the reader spreads, you will notice that booklet pages numbers are ascending as the reader goes into the book. So the order of the pages should go based on the readers consecutive reading order with the whole intention of just visualizing what the order of pages should be once a reader takes the booklet into the hand for reading.

We have created a graphical example on an 8 pages booklet project arranged with the readers spreads (as the graphic with the blue boxes represents) order for you to have a better idea on how it should look like and the way that pages count goes ascending as the reader goes page by page. The only exception is the Cover and Back Cover pages that will be separated into a single row with the purpose of replicating the fact that when you take a booklet into your hand, you may only see the cover until you actually open it up for a complete view of the 2nd and 3rd pages. As the readers spread goes on, it presents to you opposite pages side-by-side as the graphical representation shows (2nd page and 3rd page should be in a single row, same for 4th and 5th pages, 6th and 7th as well).

With the Reader Spreads organization for booklet it’s clear to you on how it will look for the final printed product, but you should never prepare your files like this for the printers who are going to produce your booklets, it’s a real time-consuming task to convert this sort of organization into a printing ready file for saddle-stitched booklets as we will explain next.

You may also confirm that in saddle-stitched booklets, pages 2 and 3 are never printed together as they actually bind in after its all put together side-by-side. Virtually impossible to find a saddle-stitched booklet that has pages side-by-side printed together and you may go examine one of them for further research. This situation completely changes for different types of booklets as we will see further thru this article.


What Exactly is Printer Spreads?

After reading about the Reader Spreads, I bet you have a better understanding now on what should we refer to when we say “Printing Spreads”. As the graphic with the red boxes represents, it shows the pages int the order on which they will be printed side-by-side. Very different from the reader spreads, here you don’t see the pages organized in numerical order, but instead, they are arranged in a way that will allow the right numerical number just after the binding has been completed and folded.

You may run a simple test at home to see how this works and for a better understanding, this might help a lot if you are building up a design file for printing in regards to booklets of many pages. The sample test consists of laying an empty sheet of paper on top of a table, then lay another empty sheet on top of it, right away now you have a booklet even though it’s empty. Now please fold the sheets in the middle and start marking each page for its numerical value as it goes starting with the Cover, then page 1, page 2 and so on. Now take the sheets apart and you will notice that page 1 is bond to page 8, page 2 bonded to page 7, page 6 together with page 3, page 4 bonded to page 5. The only pages that you may see that actually printed in the correct order were the pages in the middle of the book or magazine, pages 4 and 5 for this particular case.

Now you might be thinking about always having it this way when you are taking the files for booklets to your local printer. But we recommend you ask first as printer requirements change every time and depending on the project you are executing. Most of the printers will work ok with the printer spreads, but other printers might be requiring something totally different for compatibility.

We will include a small video that explains all this arrangement real quick. Please take a look:



Arrange Pages for Booklet Printing | The Popular Way

Most printers, to speed up the process and to make it easy for the customer, they decide just to request a linear page organization order (as the graphic with the dark green boxes on our right). Anyway, this is not the actual order your printer will arrange the pages to the printer, but it helps in keeping a clear idea on what page is what page, then they arrange the pages as they want to for a final printing arrange. This is often seeing on huge orders when the booklets are being printed in large off-set (color processing) machines which the order of the pages are completely different than printing booklets out of a copier machine.

Anyway, it is a lot easier for the printer to have you submit the files in this linear organization than when the customer submit the booklet design in a 2 pages spreads. Mostly seen put together with a PDF (Portable Document Format) commonly managed by Adobe, very well known worldwide for keeping books together, easy to read, easy to find, maintaining the quality and still being very light compression (takes little space compared to other file formats).

You might think that you can just create a single file for each page and you got it done. But what happens if the booklet you are building composes of 32+ or more pages in length? are you going to carry 32 different files all with different names on it all around to the printer? This is when the PDF comes in very handy, especially for booklet projects with a larger amount of pages.

Remember this is all about giving the printer flexibility to manage your pages and file to their will as they will anyway play around with your pages, adding borders, margins, page creeps and many other final adjustments needed to become compatible with the actual printer they will run it thru.





Arranging Booklets with Imposition Method?

This is the least popular arrange for booklets used by the customers, nobody likes to deliver the arrange in this method as it can get a bit confusing and it’s rather complicated for the none expertise to accomplish a good Booklet Imposition organization. This is often done by the printer prior to sending to the actual machinery for printing. Avoid printers that require you to arrange your booklets in this form, maybe having a second choice will be the best bet this far.

On our left, we have included a graphical explanation on how the booklet arranges should look like with the Imposition arrange method. Imposition refers to the process of arranging a book’s pages prior to printing so that once the printed sheets are folded, bound, and trimmed, the pages will appear in the correct order.

For the imposition arrange method we will leave it to the image to explain the rest as it should be clear enough and we know you are not going to use it much at home! But there is another unanswered question remaining for this article as of yet… Keep reading!

Front Cover and Rear Cover Files Should be Sent Separately From the Rest?

Notice that on most saddle-stitched booklets, you will find that the outside paper is a bit thicker and a lot more resistant than the inner pages, this is for a reason, it gives the booklet a better presentation, steadiness to the touch and make it a lot more durable.

To submit the files to the printer, you have a few options as you may just make clear which are the cover pages/layout and that it goes on a different paper type. Or you may submit the cover layout pages withing a different file which is hardly recommended when the printing paper varies from the cover to the inner pages.

You may notice that some of the booklets out there are denominated under are bound on a “self-cover book” format, easy to notice as the paper used for the outside covers is exactly the same as for the paper used for the interior of the book. If this is your final intentions on your booklet, don’t bother on separating the cover page design files from the rest as it might just get confusing for the printers. If you need a thicker stock paper for the outside covers, it’s better to get them apart by saving the files separately.

Hope this answer your question, thanks for reading.


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List of Cheapest Place to Print Posters Online

Where to Go for the Cheapest Place to Print Posters Online?

If you are looking to print some posters and print the for cheap, this is your one and only guide to do so. We will research all top cheap poster printing companies that provide this service online for the lowest prices available.


We will also include many different poster sizes and poster paper stock so you can have a wider range of price options in regards to what you are looking for. Remember that posters can be printed as color copies and also as regular color press printing used by industrials.

A quick recommendation, it will all depend on how fast you need your posters done (for speed poster printing we recommend color copies), will also depend on the size (color copies range from 11×17, 12×18 and13x19 poster sizes) and quantity (The more posters you need, it becomes convenient to use press printed posters instead of color copies posters)

11″ x 17″ Poster Printing (Standard Size)

Most popular and practical size for posters is the 11″x17″ poster size sheet, this size allows easy inclusion by business owners when you request to add your poster to a window or anywhere to display your promotion in their store, window or wall. Most copier machines will print posters on 11″x17″ by charging you only “2 clicks” (that means, the price of 2 regular 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper) to maintain the price low. If you go a bit bigger in size, you may find that price will skyrocket to “3 clicks” per poster just by adding 1 additional inch all around. Price for these posters can be compared below as the 12″x18″ will be our next subject.

*Quote for 100 units for price sample – Taxes and Shipping not included

  • 11″ x 17″ Plain Posters by 55printing = $40.21 (Cheaper 11″x17″ Posters)
  • 11″ x 17″ Glossy Posters by GotPrint = $72.32
  • 11″ x 17″ Glossy Posters by Uprinting = $85.45
  • 11″ x 17″ Glossy Posters by NextDayFlyers = $99.30
  • 11″ x 17″ Glossy Posters by Primo Print = $100.12
  • 11″ x 17″ Glossy Posters by VistaPrint = $143.39

12″ x 18″ Poster Printing (2nd Most Popular)

As we said before, from 11×17 to 12×18 isn’t much of a jump in size, but some printers will consider this little 1 extra inch, as an entirely new sheet of paper related to the price. This is not the most popular size, but will definitely stand out next to any 11″x”17 posters with those extra inches for height and weight.

This 12″x18″ poster size is not always available in copiers machines which come in very handy if you need some posters printed right away. Instead of waiting 3 business days for the press printed posters to come out from the production line. Remember that using a color copier machine could save you a lot of money when printing posters if they are in the right hands. Others will charge you more just because it’s a fast printing service.

  • 12″ x 18″ Plain Posters by 55printing = $55.95 (Cheaper 12″x18″ Posters)
  • 12″ x 18″ Glossy Posters by Primo Print = $100.12
  • 12″ x 18″ Glossy Posters by NextDayFlyers = $127.55
  • 12″ x 18″ Glossy Posters by Uprinting = $201.55
  • 12″ x 18″ Glossy Posters by GotPrint = n/a
  • 12″ x 18″ Glossy Posters by VistaPrint = n/a

13″ x 19″ Poster Printing (Limited Availability But People Love It)

How are you not going to love a huge piece of sign that will stand out over any other poster placed on any window, wall, board for promotional purposes? the 13″x19″ posters are no cheap, not cheap at all, but it is worth every extra penny you paid for it once you see the final results and how it looks aside from any other of the smaller poster sizes we mentioned before.

So what is the catch with those huge 13×19 posters? The only catch with these is that not every printer or copier will be available to print these big poster sizes and you will be forced to use commercial printers to get them. A few color copies providers are capable of doing this sort of jobs and ready in just a few minutes, IconPrints in Cranston, Rhode Island, specializes in poster printing with copier machine with state-of-the-art quality. For more information on IconPrints please call 1 (401) 365-8155.

*For this price calculation we selected 250 units

  • 13″ x 19″ Glossy Posters by NextDayFlyers = $231.84 (Cheaper 13″x19″ Posters)
  • 13″ x 19″ Glossy Posters by GotPrint = $234.51
  • 13″ x 19″ Glossy Posters by 55printing = $251.59
  • 13″ x 19″ Glossy Posters by Primo Print = n/a
  • 13″ x 19″ Glossy Posters by Uprinting = n/a
  • 13″ x 19″ Glossy Posters by VistaPrint = n/a

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What is the best file format for printing with quality?

Best File Format for Printing If We Need Quality?

design best file formats for printing companies

Design best file formats for printing companies?

We are all aware there are thousands of different graphic file formats for design files all across different computer and software brands, but with the pass of the years, it has been clear on which are the most used file formats and which ones printing companies prefer as for the design file.

Keeping it simple, among all thousands of file formats, printing companies ask the customer to convert their graphic design to “.JPG” as the highest compression (less amount of storage) and highest quality (Will distort the image a lot less than other file formats). Also, remember to convert your art to CMYK for long run offset printing or RGB for color copies, both are going to be explained further in the article.

What File Formats Are Accepted Appart From “.JPG” For Printing


At we accept all file formats available in the world and we then convert it to our more convenient file formats for printing, then we send a graphical proof via email to the customer totally free of charge even before you place the order with us.

To request a free proof for your design, please visit the “Free design proof” request form section here:

Top 10 File Format for Design Printing

  1. JPG = used interchangeably with JPG. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, who created the standard. JPG files have 2 sub-formats, JPG/Exif (often used in digital cameras and photographic equipment), andJPG/JFIF (often used on the World Wide Web).
  2. PNG = (pronounced ping as in ping-pong; for Portable Network Graphics) is a file format for image compression that, in time, is expected to replace the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) that is widely used in today’s Internet.
  3. PDF = PDF is also an abbreviation for the Netware Printer Definition File. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else.
  4. DOC = In computing, DOC or doc is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the proprietary Microsoft Word Binary File Format. Historically, the extension was used for documentation in plain text, particularly of programs or computer hardware on a wide range of operating systems.
  5. TIFF = Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a variable-resolution bitmapped image format developed by Aldus (now part of Adobe) in 1986. TIFF is very common for transporting color or gray-scale images into page layout applications but is less suited to delivering web content.
  6. BMP = The BMP file format, also known as bitmap image file or device-independent bitmap (DIB) file format or simply a bitmap, is a raster graphics image file format used to store bitmap digital images, independently of the display device (such as a graphics adapter)
  7. SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999. SVG images and their behaviors are defined in XML text files.
  8. PPTX and PPT = A file with the PPTX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Presentation file. These files are used to store slide show presentations.
  9. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) = Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator) EPS is a file extension for a graphics file format used in vector-based images in Adobe Illustrator. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. AnEPS file can contain text as well as graphics.
  10. CDR (CorelDRAW) = A CDR file is a vector graphics file that stores a digital image encoded and compressed to be opened and manipulated by a vector editing software program. Files saved with the CDR extension are designated for use with CorelDRAW products as well as other Corel applications.

CMYK vs RGB Basics

Printing Companies RGB-CMYK-55printing

  • All Scanners, digital lens cameras, and monitors for computers and smartphones use red, green and blue (RGB) light to display color.
  • Commercial printing presses print with cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) ink, also often called as the process printing, instead of the displayed RGB light, and therefore produce a different range of colors and tones.

In what printing case to use CMYK or RGB for the Design File?

The difference is simple, but it is always a good idea and strongly recommended to ask your printer on which file format they want the design file to be on. The main purpose of this color change option, if for you, as the customer to have a better idea on what is the final look of your art, beforehand.

If you built the design in RGB mode and then change it to CMYK, you will right away notice it takes a pale and denoted color tone change as you might take into note this is a totally different way to build up colors. Many mistakes can be avoided by switching to the correct file format on time before sending it to printing.


CMYK for Printing in Bulk

If you are printing more than 1,000 units like business cards, flyers, postcards or brochures, to maintain low costs to the customer, printing companies use the most reliable and better quality printing technique called offset printing. In this printing technique, different plates are pre-perforated for each color layer, then during the printing, the ink goes thru these little wholes onto the paper.

This allows a wider range of tones and printing perfection for your art if designed correctly. Nowadays, offset printing (CMYK) is the top most popular printing method used by printing industries all over the world. So for the designer, its a must to know about this little trick.

RGB for Printing in Little Quantities

When you are just concerned on printing a little number of copies like a few postcards to send to friends, maybe a few pictures to print for the album or even a few flyers to hand out to local customers. The odds that you will find yourself printing these on a regular copier machine are very high. Getting cheap color copies for regular daily activity is really easy and there are many local print shops with these machines all over the place.

The ink or toner used for color copies machines is in the same color format as the screen on your smartphone or even your computer screen, making it a lot easier for you to see a better idea on what the final product will look like after printing.


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Who are the Largest Online Printing Companies in the United States?

Largest Printing Companies

If you are looking for a nationwide list of the biggest printing companies, you will realize that they are not so popular compared to the online printing companies market.

(Most popular online printing companies within USA territory)

(Most popular online printing companies within USA territory)

We see so many TV ads for VistaPrint that it induces us to believe that maybe they are just the biggest printing company that exist within the United States. But just hold on tight to your seat that we will show some shocking facts.

Actually, VistaPrint that is believed by most as the most prominent and productive printing company within USA area comes on place #150+ on a list we found online where there are about 400 other companies organized by how powerful and commercially capable they are. This list link can be found at the end of this article on the source area.

Top 100 Largest Printing Companies (Not Just Online) 2019 Updated

Below we will disclose a recently updated list of the top 100 largest printing companies within the territorial USA, not only for online presence but also locally. The list originally contains 400 entries, but we have just limited up to the first 100 for this publication, for the remaining 300 printing companies, refer to the resources below.

top largest printing companies list of 400 within united states

Company Location
1 American Printing Birmingham, AL
2 EBSCO Media Birmingham, AL
3 Democrat Printing & Lithographing Little Rock, AR
4 Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. Fort Smith, AR
5 Courier Graphics Phoenix, AZ
6 Old Ina Corp. Tucson, AZ
7 O’Neil Printing Phoenix, AZ
8 Prisma Graphic Corp. Phoenix, AZ
9 4 Over Inc. Glendale, CA
10 Bert-Co Graphics Corritas, CA
11 Best Label Cerritos, CA
12 California Lithographers Concord, CA
13 California Offset Printers Glendale, CA
14 Cellotape Inc. Fremont, CA
15 Chromatic Lithographers Glendale, CA
16 Diversified Printers La Mirada, CA
17 Dome Printing Sacramento, CA
18 Dual Graphics Brea, CA
19 Fong Brothers Printing Brisbane, CA
20 G2 Graphic Service N. Hollywood, CA
21 Impress Communications Chatsworth, CA
22 Insync Marketing Solutions Los Angeles, CA
23 K/P Corp. San Ramon, CA
24 Label Technology Merced, CA
25 Lithographix Inc. Hawthorne, CA
26 Media Lithographics City of Commerce, CA
27 Neyenesch Printers San Diego, CA
28 O’Neil Data Systems Los Angeles, CA
29 Penn Industries Cerritos, CA
30 Phoenix Marketing Services Claremont, CA
31 PIP Printing and Document Services Mission Viejo, CA
32 Primary Color Systems Costa Mesa, CA
33 Sinclair Printing Los Angeles, CA
34 Sir Speedy Mission Viejo, CA
35 Southern California Graphics Culver City, CA
36 Southwest Offset Printing Gardena, CA
37 The Dot Printer Irvine, CA
38 Trend Offset Printing Los Alamitos, CA
39 Westamerica Graphics Foothill Ranch, CA
40 Canadian Bank Note Ottawa, Canada
41 Friesens Corp. Altona, Canada
42 Hemlock Printers Burnaby, Canada
43 Metropolitan Fine Printers Vancouver, Canada
44 Phipps Dickson Integria Saint-Laurent, Canada
45 Printwest Communications Regina, Canada
46 Quebecor World Montréal, Canada
47 Rhino Print Solutions Richmond, Canada
48 Solisco Printers Scott, Canada
49 St. Joseph Printing Concord, Canada
50 Teldon Print Media Richmond, Canada
51 Transcontinental Inc. Montréal, Canada
52 Webcom Inc. Scarborough, Canada
53 Colorado Printing Grand Junction, CO
54 Johnson Printing Boulder, CO
55 National Hirschfeld Denver, CO
56 Signature Offset Boulder, CO
57 Vision Graphics Loveland, CO
58 Cenveo Stamford, CT
59 Finlay Printing Bloomfield, CT
60 Integrity Graphics Windsor, CT
61 National Graphics N. Branford, CT
62 The Harty Press New Haven, CT
63 Associates Graphic Services Wilmington, DE
64 Foxfire Printing and Packaging Newark, DE
65 Boyd Brothers Panama City, FL
66 Colonial Press Int’l Miami, FL
67 Franklin Communications Miami, FL
68 Interprint Web & Sheet Fed Clearwater, FL
69 Rex Three Sunrise, FL
70 Rose Printing Tallahassee, FL
71 Solo Printing Miami, FL
72 Southeastern Printing Stuart, FL
73 St. Ives Inc. U.S. Hollywood, FL
74 doodad Austell, GA
75 Geographics Inc. Atlanta, GA
76 ProGraphics Communications Atlanta, GA
77 Scientific Games Int’l Alpharetta, GA
78 SleeveCo Inc. Dawsonville, GA
79 The EPI Companies Marietta, GA
80 Tucker Castleberry Atlanta, GA
81 Walton Press Monroe, GA
82 HBP Printing Graphics & Information Services, Hagerstown
83 Hagadone Printing Honolulu, HI
84 Acme Printing Des Moines, IA
85 Cedar Graphics Hiawatha, IA
86 Edwards Graphic Arts Des Moines, IA
87 Fisher Group Hiawatha, IA
88 J&A Printing Hiawatha, IA
89 Midland Information Resources Davenport, IA
90 ABS Graphics Addison, IL
91 Berlin Industries Carol Stream, IL
92 Continental Web Press Itasca, IL
93 Creative Printing Services Des Plaines, IL
94 Des Plaines Printing Des Plaines, IL
95 Diversified Labeling Solutions Itasca, IL
96 E/D Web Cicero, IL
97 FCL Graphics Harwood Heights, IL
98 Fort Dearborn Elk Grove, IL
99 GFX International Grayslake, IL
100 Graphix Products West Chicago, IL

We want to take a minute and also congratulate every company showing in this list. The printing market is so big within the USA that belonging to this is list is a result of decades of effort and good work.

Online Most Popular Printing Companies


The online market is very different from the locals as we are going to notice in a little bit. Predominance on the online world only relies on how good are your rankings in Google search engine. Bing, Yahoo and another source of traffic represent less than 1% of final sales for organic traffic in the printing industries seen in an article published by a while ago.

That being said, we could arrange a list of the top online printing companies just by arranging them for the organic traffic value they represent as the best presence measure for each

For the following list, we will use public and available well research database tool called, this site provides very accurate data for online sites including the number of keywords ranking and the amount of traffic they estimate they will generate by ranking those keywords on their current position.

The actual printing costs of their products and amount of customers are not taken into consideration for this following list as some of them have really cheap printing prices but rank as the latest, and more expensive printing sites are ranking on top, so that is not a good number for comparison.

Online Comparison By Google Organic Traffic Values

If you want to compare these online printing businesses with another tool like, Alexa or, you are more than welcome to do so and then share it with us if you please.

List of the top 20 most popular online printers within the USA

1.- Url SR KWords SR Traffic
2.- 748629 6180451
3.- 825286 5272463
4.- 247530 2833977
5.- 91528 681592
6.- 142243 476183
7.- 74184 441498
8.- 47640 266723
9.- 62835 261345
10.- 76748 258415
11.- 40896 99096
12.- 24009 96978
13.- 19329 67619
14.- 30224 49855
15.- 23091 48141
16.- 30984 42742
17.- 11094 28109
18.- 10031 17444
19.- 4578 8617
20.- 2153 4860

More information will be updated soon… Thanks for reading so far.

Another topic for 5 most popular T-shirt printing companies in the USA we also found this video for you:




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Online Holiday PostCards Printing & Mailing Services

How to Get Online Greeting Cards Print and Mail Service for Holidays

You might be looking out to design and print some postcards sooner than you think! Have you noticed that the holidays arrive faster and faster as we grow old? That is not just you, as life becomes more active, we entertain our minds a lot more, time tends to pass by faster when we are entertained.

So, are you ready to print out and mail some postcards for the next holiday season? You might not, or still thinking on purchasing those generic postcards sold on any food store around the corner. These generic pre-printed postcards are a very good choice for a quick solution and then go on with your busy life.

If you are a bit pickier, you’d like to explore a little bit of customization and uniqueness for your greeting holiday cards and that is the main purpose of this article. We will show you how easy and cute is to get a unique, self-designed custom card for the holidays.

Do It Yourself Ways for Greeting Holiday Custom Printed Postcards

Let’s pretend that you have no knowledge on how to use Photoshop or any of these worldwide popular and complicated design tools available, even if you knew how to use it, a lot of creativity is required to get something nice done. So lets me this a little simpler, shall we?

The simplest and easiest way to get this done is letting online tools help you. There is a website called “Shutterfly” that will make you live very simple this holiday season as they are in the business just for this reason, to help you.

Even with absolutely no knowledge, you may get a custom-designed postcard printed and mailed out within minutes. They even have choices to import contact addresses from many different sources as Gmail among others for easier mailing. Yes, they also do the mailing for you at an additional cost but it is totally worth every penny especially during busy seasons and eternal lines at your local USPS.

Shutterfly Simplifies Postcard Design, Printing and Mailing

At this site you can find up about 700+ pre-designed postcards in many different shapes like flat, folded, with envelope or plain card, giving you the choice for variety and uniqueness. We always recommend to personalize these type of holiday card with a custom and personal family photo uploaded to the card, this is also allowed by the application and gives it a very personal touch to it.

Once you upload a personalized family photo, it will scream “THIS IS NOT A REGULAR STAPLES OUT OF THE SHELL HOLIDAY CARD”! See the image below for a sample idea.

Note: There are also an app version of this website for Android and iOS platforms.

sample for holiday card printing and mailing service

Sample for holiday card printing and mailing services

The Other Way To Get Greeting Holiday Cards Designed, Printed & Mailed Near you

We never stop at the easiest solution and you might deserve a 2nd choice. This is called the cheap greeting card printing services offered online by a local printer that will print and ship to your door from a location near you. This particular provider (there are many more printers online offering custom greeting holidays card) is called, easy to find, easy to order, easy to get FREE support from the design crew.near-me-local-store-greeting-holiday-cards-generic

This site has a simple state-of-the-art in-built designer that will be very effective for a quick postcard note, upload your photos, images and other.

Many pre-designed templates are also built in within this application for you to modify and customize. This sort of high run

printing is often seen for business purposes where they need to send out hundreds or even thousands of holiday postcards at once. Printing in bulk will save business a lot of money and each card will come out cheaper than a generic holiday card seen on local stores.

In this case, the printer provider (55printing) only prints, packs and ships the holiday card to you by using one of the closest warehouses facilities available near you for faster shipping, then its your task to get the cards to a local USPS, buy the stamps and mail them.

Conclusion on Holiday Greeting Cards Printing and Mailing

If you are an individual with a few good friends and want to take them into consideration for a special greet, we recommend using any of the available online app or websites that will design+print+mail the postcards for you. For a bigger entity, business or maybe an organization, we would recommend a professional printer with bigger discounts on bigger printing quantities.

  • Reference code: Chimi-Printing-002


Where to Get 24-hour Print and Copy Services Online?

Fast-Paced World for Printing and Copying Industries

Printing and Copying services online are not staying behind to the world around it. We live in a very fast-paced world nowadays where everything is flowing faster than never before, shipping, transport, services, files, photos, about anything out there is moving way faster every day. We love fast services and no doubt about it, so the print and copy industry have noticed that and taken action in your favor.

24 hour print and copy online services

Local VS Online 24 hours Copies Print

The faster way to get anything done is with the use of a copy machine, no doubt about it. Get the file ready, send it to the copier machine and within seconds you get your first samples. But sometimes this experience encounters delays, example, a bad printer that is printing out copies with missing lines or faded colors. So, a copy that should be done within minutes is now looking at the additional waiting time and additional errands.

How to avoid this? Visit copy centers with multiples copy machines, if you order copies online make sure to order on printing businesses that might carry more than copy machine to avoid this sort of delays.

Almost any online printer should carry more than one copy machine if they offer service nationwide (as of the case of The ordering volume for this product is so high that a single copy machine will not cut it for the production, so many equipments are required for the task.

Benefits for Local vs Online

The local copy shop has a huge advantage against the online and its as simple as reachability. You may visit a local copy print shop near you within minutes from where you are. If you get lucky, may find an employee with empty-handed of projects ready to take on yours and you might just walk out with your copies done without further wait. Huge thumb up for the Local Shop.

In the online situation even if they print it 1 minute after you place the order, there is an additional delay for packing, shipping and transit time that can not be avoided unless you find an online copyshop that is near you and also accepts local pickup during online ordering.

The biggest benefit on this, is the convenience of not having to leave your house or office to place the order, many of us don’t count with spare time to go around, store by store looking for a deal, while online, Google helps us visit many online shops within minutes.


Best Ways To Look Online For A Near You Copy Print Shop

You may get a bunch of local mailing to your door with offers on local and online copy shop centers with special deals or services… That is always the best way to go as these are very active local printers looking out especially for your business and for sure investing a fortune in marketing to get you in, they will not disappoint you.

If you haven’t received any of this correspondence lately, you may go online for a Google search on  24-hour print and copy services online and locally, Google results will come up with addresses and businesses near your location (this is only in case your browser allows Google to communicate with your location information, make sure to unblock it for better custom results) and also will show you nationwide online copy print solutions for you to navigate and study before placing the order.


Never rush up your research on how to get some color copies done quick, it is always good to take a few minutes of your time and some local or online copy shops before you go ahead with ordering. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Resources: color copies product section

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Printing on Glossy Paper Smudges Myth

printing on glossy paper smudges myths - small 55printingThe myth behind the topic: Printing on Glossy Paper Smudges

For decades, people with in-house printing machines, often the most popular inkjet technology printers, encounter themselves with a very old and common situation, the printed ink smudges on glossy paper.

There are many reasons why this smudge printed ink could be happening and we will talk about some of them shortly.

Reason #1: Cheap Inkjet Printers


There are many good and reputable printers (like the brands on the image above) but sometimes a bit pricy, people the go for other cheaper unknown brands. Watch out for that!

If you buy a very cheap inkjet printer, you could first read the specification on what paper capabilities the printer has. Some of them are only capable of printing on regular plain paper materials which are really light and easy to manage but don’t try to overload them with a heavy stock glossy paper or you will see problems right away.

These printers have really small electric motors to spin the paper thru the ink cartridges for ink input. If the paper is heavier than the printer specification, the printer might throw a few layers more of ink than necessary, causing a delayed dry up or even a never dried printed sheet causing it to smudge as soon as it touches air.

Reason #2: Cheap Glossy Paper

inkjet drop over paper while printing

China is very famous for providing us with very cheap materials for all sort of industries including printing as well. Ink, toner, and paper are a most for a print store to function and China knows that.

Sometimes we find a better deal on a glossy paper coming from China than a regular (US) locally produced paper or maybe a famous paper brand. This price discount comes out with a price in some cases and its called “quality”. A glossy paper could drink any inkjet printer ink really nice and smooth if fabricated, packed and shipped correctly. If you saved a few bocks on any of these steps for a cheaper final product, you will end up with lower quality and probably defective paper stock that will not help with your home inkjet printer causing immediate ink smudge.

Reason #3 Paper Stock Meant For Different Printer Type


There is a huge difference between printers manufacturers, among most popular printer providers we find HP (Hewlett Packard) and Epson. These are just 2 different inkjet printers with the biggest difference in the world.

The biggest difference on these 2 companies home base inkjet printers is that Epson prints waterproofs and HP doesn’t. This is a huge thing when printing anything from a photo, flyer, document or even a thank note.

So probably, a certain paper was created for certain inkjet printer and we don’t know about it. So a solution for this is to read from your printer provider to see which paper company they recommend for their printers.

Reason #4 Give it Time to Dry Before Smudging

Last but not least, sometimes it just needs time. Maybe its too cold or humid outside and it needs a little extra time to settle down the ink into the paper to avoid prompt smudging.

Thanks for reading!

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Cheapest Place To Print Flyers Near You and Online

Cheapest Flyers and Copies for Printing Near You

Cheapest Flyers and Copies for Printing Near You

Most affordable and Cheapest Ways to Print Flyers

If you are looking for the most competitive pricing for the printing industry market, the first step is always to look online on Google, Yahoo, Bing among other search engines. If you are not sure what to look for as of now, don’t worry, we will walk you thru some options.

You first need to set clear if you are looking for large quantity flyers printing project or maybe limited quantity color copies project (black and white copies are also available locally near you and online by many providers). The big difference here comes by the price per unit of each of these. Bellow, we will explain why flyers are good for good quantities and why color copies are cheaper for the smallest quantities.

Cheapest Flyers Printing Ideas For Bulk Quantities (1,000 up)

In bit quantities, flyers are often printed with different machinery (much cheaper per unit) called Off-Ser Printing. This machines are much more expensive than your regular color copy machine but will print way faster and with much more quality for a state-of-the-art finished product. Most of the flyers you see in the streets with a nice glossy finish and thick paper stock are often printed with this sort of machinery.

The economical benefits of using Off-Set printing for flyers is just that ink cost is way less expensive than the toner (ink powder) used for the color copy machine. Also, offset printing is way more resistant to water and sun UV rays.

The catch for the offset printed flyers, you need to run huge quantities to make the “set-up” process worth it. A plate has to be sacrificed for each of the 4 colors used by the offset machine (CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and after the printing has finished, they are useless in most cases. This adds a man-hour and material costs to the setup of the printing that will add up to the final project price not seen for the color copies job coming up next.


Price for a full-page (8.5″ x 11″) flyer printed both sides including premium magazine like paper comes around 4 cents (US $0.04) a piece when you order at least 5,000 flyers with the same fixed design. This is as cheap and economical as it gets for these quantities in the worldwide printing market.

No sample page can be printed with CYMK or at least it’s not worth to set up the machine just for 1 single sample page for proofing.

Cheapest Color Copies Printing For Smaller Quantities (10 – 1,000)

It is so easy to just jump into the computer, open an image file and send to print. The color copy machine will do the rest for you and no need to worry about job setup, machinery prep or any other of industrial pre-printing preparation. You may also print a single page for proofing, color verification, and text confirmation. Proofing comes very handy as you see the final product before running full printing campaign.

Most popular cheap color copy machines use a toner as a type of ink transferred to the paper via heat. Toner seats in the paper very nicely and with a bit of a glossy touch on more expensive equipment. Toner holds very good with water and sun UV rays but not as good as the off-set printing.


Following the price example previously used for the off-set printing, a full-page (8.5″ x 11″) color copy flyer, full color both sides in a cheap plain paper comes around 80cents (US $0.89) per unit when you print it on any color copy shop near you. If you look only you may get a much better deal on cheap color copies printing even when you add the shipping to it.

Color Copy Shop Near You VS Online Ordering

We all know Kinkos and Staples as the best example on where to go for some fast color copies printing, but there are also many copy shops and internet cafe that will offer similar services and they might be closer to you.

Difference between ordering online and going to a near local printing shop is huge for pricing and speed turnaround. We will disclose next a sample of 100 color copies printed on full color, single-sided, cheap plain paper done locally and done online

100 Color Copies “PRINTED LOCAL”
Price: $89.00 (plus tax)
Speed: Same Day
Quality: 7/10
Art Support: n/a

100 Color Copies “PRINTED ONLINE”
Price: $25.75 + $15.56 for shipping = $41.31 (plus tax)
Speed: 3 to 4 business days to your door
Quality: 10/10
Art Support: Yes



Conclusion on Where To Get Cheap Flyers Printed

It will always depend on how many units you need and how quickly the turnaround is for your current project. For smaller flyer quantities go with the color copies rather locally near where you live/work or shop online for even further discounts, better services, and product quality.

For the more ambitious projects needed over 1,000 flyers, we will always recommend going for the off-set printing gang run for the most economical results and state-of-the-art unbeatable quality when done correctly.

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More information about color copies can be found here: